Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spokane Valley, WA

December  07,  2012  8:40PM

My dad came home in a rush from the store, telling all of us to come outside in the backyard and look at this.  I thought someone was in are backyard, so I was ready to fight, but soon as all of us got outside, my dad said look up and I saw a red fire ball just bolt off into the night.  Then I looked over and saw three more balls of light in a triangle shape just hover and flashing in the sky.

Five others and myself saw this hovering triangle shape, so I ran inside to get my older brother because I know he is into this kind of that stuff because he had seen some weird things above or house before.

When I came outside again the three balls off light where gone this whole thing last about 2 to 5 minutes, and I know my dad is really a honest person and not really into UFO or ghost or things of that nature, but for him to come home in the kind of excitement and tell all of us to come check this out and for all of us to see it was really a different experience.

I really can not come up with a logical reason that would cause what I had seen or what man made craft that could do what I saw or what my dad saw it was freaky and it got me looking up at the sky thinking differently about what really is up there.

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