Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lisbon Falls, ME

December  20,  2012  3:30PM

My husband and I, were traveling West on 196, about a couple of miles from the mill in Lisbon.  We came up on top of the big hill and we looked out on the horizon and saw this silver object in the air.

I am really not sure on how to describe the shape of it.  It was silver in color and the sun was reflecting off fro it.  It seemed that the object was traveling fast and it was not too high up in the sky.

As we were traveling west it disappeared because of the trees but then it reappeared again when the area was free of trees and you could see the shape a little better.

I will describe it as having a dome shape with a round flat surface going around it.

The object then disappeared and we did not see it again.

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