Monday, February 18, 2013

Honolulu, HI

December  08,  2012  6:45PM

My son and I were taking a drive in my girlfriends new car.  We had the sunroof open and the windows down.  We were heading toward Hawaii Kai from Waimanalo.  We had just passed the entrance to Sandy Beach and almost to the first turn when 3 lights came over Koko Head.  I was already driving slower than usual approximately 25mph.  We both saw it at the same time and my 10 year old son said, "Dad what is that?" I said "I have no clue".  At first you could only see 3 lights.  The one on top was orange/red and flicking rapidly.  The 2 on the bottom were light color with a hint of blue and constant.  The whole thing was moving really slow and looked to be just above the hill but under the cloud cover.  It went directly over our car and we could see it through the sunroof.  As it passed over it was completely silent.  At that time my son said, "Dad it looks coned shaped".  I tried to keep watching it and drive at the same time through the review mirror.  I told my son to keep watching it, so he turned around and was watching it through the back window when he said "WOW"!  It just disappeared.  This is my first time seeing any kind of UFO. 

I spoke to one of my close friends who frequent the area at night for his job and he said 3 of them, the same thing 1 month ago from the time we saw it.

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