Monday, February 18, 2013

Chetek, WI

December 08,  2012  06:00AM

I took my dog out this morning about 6am.  It had snowed out a little during the night and I decided to shovel and sweep.  The sky was so clear and I could hear the lake making ice  I looked up at the sky hoping to see a satellite and I did, but while I was looking up I kept seeing blinking lights here and there.  I thought it was just my eyes.  I finally spotted a flashing light that I could follow and I began to see many.  The traveling, blinking lights were about the size of a smaller star and I'm not sure how high up they were maybe out of our atmosphere.  The blinks looked like a camera flash.

They traveled in erratic pattern and flashed every now and then  I had to go inside.  I came back out about 15 minutes later and tried to spot them again but no luck.  It was starting to get a little lighter outside but could still see the brighter stars.

I was standing facing West but I saw them almost straight above me and a little to the South, West and North.  Not sure what I saw but when the sky clears again I will be looking.

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