Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sugar Land, TX

December  21,  2012  9:15PM

My wife had just picked up some dinner and on her way back to our house, she noticed bright orange balls behind her car (big enough to notice).  She turned around and went back towards the direction of where the objects were now on her right side in the sky.  The objects were low but above the tree lines.  She pulled into a neighborhood and saw 3 similar orange balls in a triangular formation.  The objects then disappeared.  She drove forward to see if the objects had moved but did not see anything.  She called me on my phone at this time.  I was around 5 minutes from where she was and drove towards her.  She came back to where she was in the neighborhood and saw the objects again.  This time there was a man in his car also looking at the objects.  My wife asked this man if he was seeing the same thing and he said yes and that he just saw around 9 to 10 objects.  When I made it to where my wife was, there was nothing in the sky.  After waiting for 5 minute we drove back towards our house.

On the way back, I looked to my left and saw 2 orange ball like objects in the distance above the tree line.  One object looked bigger than the other.  Both objects were bigger than anything in the sky but smaller than the moon.  I turned around and drove towards the objects but could not spot them.  While driving back, I was on a freeway overpass and saw orange lights on my left.  I pulled over on the shoulder and saw four to five orange balls shoot up from the ground and disappear within seconds.  The objects appeared to shoot p from the ground. The area was in the middle of couple to TV towers.  That was the last sighting.

Bozeman, MT

December  21,  2012  10:00PM

From our back porch looking East out of Bozeman, we saw roughly 7 extremely bright white oval shaped lights moving back and forth very quickly.  They appeared to come together as one object and then brook apart.  They moved in all directions very quickly.  They seemed to disappear into thin air. 

We tried to look through binoculars, but the lights were so bright we could not make out any other details of the objects  And at the same time, we also noticed directly above us, in a cloud, a white oval shaped, faint light moving back and forth quickly as well.

Lisbon Falls, ME

December  20,  2012  3:30PM

My husband and I, were traveling West on 196, about a couple of miles from the mill in Lisbon.  We came up on top of the big hill and we looked out on the horizon and saw this silver object in the air.

I am really not sure on how to describe the shape of it.  It was silver in color and the sun was reflecting off fro it.  It seemed that the object was traveling fast and it was not too high up in the sky.

As we were traveling west it disappeared because of the trees but then it reappeared again when the area was free of trees and you could see the shape a little better.

I will describe it as having a dome shape with a round flat surface going around it.

The object then disappeared and we did not see it again.

Cameron, TX

December  20,  2012  11:30PM

I must preface, I am somewhat nervous to have to explain something of this nature.  Never in a million years would I have thought it remotely possible in reality.

Last night my son and I were driving on hwy 36 around 11:30pm on our way to my mothers house in Coppers Cove TX.  In the distance we noticed a very bright flashing light.  My first thought was that it could be a plane, helicopter or a signal tower with unusual bright lights.

We continued to watch it when suddenly it was RIGHT ABOVE our SUV!  There are few words that will effectively relay to anyone that was not there just how large and utterly surreal looking this thing was.  It was shaped like an octagon with flashing lights on all sides  It looked like a building floating in the sky.  It has depth/structure to it that's hard to put into context.

I was shocked and as a mother I became fearful of this thing, which could be a potential threat considering how close it was.

So I stepped on  the gas to get away from it.  I was driving way over the speed limit and not looking back when it occurred to us to take a picture or video.  My son was in the back filming what was left of it at that point.  Both my son and I were just floored by what was happening.

I'm extremely disappointed we did not think soon and capture the object in solid form.  When we first saw the object it was about 400 meters above us, close enough for us to realize its enormous size, hexagonal shape, and it is grey/concrete color.

By the time my son had pulled out a camera and moved to the back of the car to film, it appeared to have distanced itself subtaintally from us, at least a few miles away.

Cochin, India

December  20,  2012  02:00AM

We were standing outside on the terrace, when we first saw 1 object going in a good speed.  Then after sometime we saw 2 more, it was not a star or comet or aircraft.  There was no sound at all.  It moved very speedy, bright color (like some fiery object) and after about 10 sec it vanished.  Thought of recording but when I went to take a photo it was gone.

Gunter, TX

December  18,  2012  4:00PM

I saw a bright light in the Northern sky moving East to West faster than a normal aircraft.  I thought it was a satellite until it made several sharp turns left to right and right to left at slow and fast speeds.  The object was brighter than the North Star and appeared high enough to be reflecting the Sun.  It began a series of figure eights and widening them as it flew.  It then appeared to hover or stand still until it moved off to the West at a high rate of speed and disappeared.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Pasadena, CA

December   10,  2012  6:30PM

My wife and I were waiting at the bus stop when I noticed a very bright light, orange and reddish in color.  The light appeared to be hovering, it was a clear night and very noticeable.  Altitude was between 3,000 to 5,000 feet.  Not sure of shape of the object. 

After 1 minute of being visible, object began moving very slowly and began to dim til it was invisible.  About 2 minutes later, the object had reappeared at the same starting location.  A small plane appeared to have flown very close to the object.  Stood visible for another minute or two before began moving the same way it did and began dimming till it disappeared once again.

Thinking it was over, we looked up towards the sky and the object had reappeared for a third time!  Did the same thing, as it had done before. Three sightings in the 10 minute span , same color of objects before, same starting point, moved and disappeared in the same direction.  The object made no sound, and did not leave any trail.

Eagle Rock, CA

December  10,  2012  6:30PM

I noticed a bright orange light hovering at low altitude, and had blinking lights, but not like ordinary planes have two.  Minutes later it dimmed and disappeared  Two minutes later reappeared and did exact thing as the one before, followed the same route.  Minutes later reappeared same location, hovered then starting moving at slow rate before disappearing from view.  Altogether took 10 minutes. 

I video recorded all three sightings through iPhone camera.  I later edited the video images and was shocked on what I have captured, definitely nothing that's earth origin.  Will attach pictures as well.

Williston, VT

December  09,  2012  4:00PM

Driving home down by the village hovering over church where 7 lights in the sky one in the front and the rest scattered in the back of the one in the front.  One at a time they would flash white lights and they would turn orange one at a time and they vanished, several different people stopped to see this.

Raleigh, NC

December  08,  2012  10:00PM

My husband saw two lights heading on a straight course above our neighborhood.  He called me outside and I saw two large red lights one following the other, for about 3 minutes until one vanished.  The other lingered a minute longer until it too faded out. I saw the second light flicker very lightly just a few times until they were no longer visible.

They did not completely cross the sky.  We could have watched them go even further but they disappeared before then.  We heard neighbors outside and one said, "What the hell is that?" so we knew we were not the only ones who saw this.

The lights did not blink and were extremely red/orange in color and quite large.  The lights were constant the entire time.  I have never seen anything like this and am continually checking the local news to see if others aught it.  The sky is extremely clear with only a few sparse clouds.

Being a skeptic I couldn't help but think it was a plane of some sort until we saw commercial planes fly by and it was extremely obvious these were not commercial planes.

Weeki Wachee, FL

December  08,  2012  9:30PM

I went down stairs to see if it was too cloudy to take my c11 edge telescope to do some Astrophotography, I looked to the East around where Orion was located and spotted several bright objects slowly moving East to West, and several more appeared, and what seemed to me, the objects looked like they took straight off into space, and begin to fade out.

These objects were brighter than Jupiter, and orange in color.

I have been an astronomer for 30 plus years, I know what satellite, airplane, the stealth bomber, helicopters look like, I have an IQ 144, and what I saw tonight, was not man made!

Honolulu, HI

December  08,  2012  6:45PM

My son and I were taking a drive in my girlfriends new car.  We had the sunroof open and the windows down.  We were heading toward Hawaii Kai from Waimanalo.  We had just passed the entrance to Sandy Beach and almost to the first turn when 3 lights came over Koko Head.  I was already driving slower than usual approximately 25mph.  We both saw it at the same time and my 10 year old son said, "Dad what is that?" I said "I have no clue".  At first you could only see 3 lights.  The one on top was orange/red and flicking rapidly.  The 2 on the bottom were light color with a hint of blue and constant.  The whole thing was moving really slow and looked to be just above the hill but under the cloud cover.  It went directly over our car and we could see it through the sunroof.  As it passed over it was completely silent.  At that time my son said, "Dad it looks coned shaped".  I tried to keep watching it and drive at the same time through the review mirror.  I told my son to keep watching it, so he turned around and was watching it through the back window when he said "WOW"!  It just disappeared.  This is my first time seeing any kind of UFO. 

I spoke to one of my close friends who frequent the area at night for his job and he said 3 of them, the same thing 1 month ago from the time we saw it.

Blackfoot, ID

December  08,  2012  5:45PM

We saw about 13 orange glowing balls staggered in a line in the sky.  They were floating very slowly towards that ground.  Then they started going up at an angle and turned into a formation and started slowly vanishing.  I did get a picture of one glowing ball, once my camera unfroze.  I google what I found and found a ton of people have seen the same image.

Chetek, WI

December 08,  2012  06:00AM

I took my dog out this morning about 6am.  It had snowed out a little during the night and I decided to shovel and sweep.  The sky was so clear and I could hear the lake making ice  I looked up at the sky hoping to see a satellite and I did, but while I was looking up I kept seeing blinking lights here and there.  I thought it was just my eyes.  I finally spotted a flashing light that I could follow and I began to see many.  The traveling, blinking lights were about the size of a smaller star and I'm not sure how high up they were maybe out of our atmosphere.  The blinks looked like a camera flash.

They traveled in erratic pattern and flashed every now and then  I had to go inside.  I came back out about 15 minutes later and tried to spot them again but no luck.  It was starting to get a little lighter outside but could still see the brighter stars.

I was standing facing West but I saw them almost straight above me and a little to the South, West and North.  Not sure what I saw but when the sky clears again I will be looking.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spokane Valley, WA

December  07,  2012  8:40PM

My dad came home in a rush from the store, telling all of us to come outside in the backyard and look at this.  I thought someone was in are backyard, so I was ready to fight, but soon as all of us got outside, my dad said look up and I saw a red fire ball just bolt off into the night.  Then I looked over and saw three more balls of light in a triangle shape just hover and flashing in the sky.

Five others and myself saw this hovering triangle shape, so I ran inside to get my older brother because I know he is into this kind of that stuff because he had seen some weird things above or house before.

When I came outside again the three balls off light where gone this whole thing last about 2 to 5 minutes, and I know my dad is really a honest person and not really into UFO or ghost or things of that nature, but for him to come home in the kind of excitement and tell all of us to come check this out and for all of us to see it was really a different experience.

I really can not come up with a logical reason that would cause what I had seen or what man made craft that could do what I saw or what my dad saw it was freaky and it got me looking up at the sky thinking differently about what really is up there.

Ingleside, TX

December  07,  2012  8:00PM

Last night while walking my dogs, I saw a bright red fireball light above a neighbor's house.  It was stationary and extremely low.

It then started to move straight up about 300 ft.  Then just started drifting away until I could not  see it for the tree's.  I went and got my car to follow the direction that it went.

I never got a visual on it again.  I took one picture on my phone but was to dark, can see in the picture sphere shape but too dark

Longmont, CO

December  07,  2012  8:00PM
We were driving into the parking lot on the North side of the intersection of Martin and Ken Pratt, we were just behind the DSW Shoes building on our way to a restaurant when I asked my husband to stop the car.  I had seen a strange light flashing in the field just behind this parking lot.  He did and we watched as  3 golden balls of light with sparkling tails "danced" slowly around each other, no more than 300-500 yards from where we watched, and not very high in the sky, maybe 300 yards. Their trajectory was descending, but not linear.  Sometimes they would pause for awhile or move horizontal to the ground.  At least one of them speed up about 100 yards above the field.  All of the eventually extinguished about 20-50 yards above the field.

I do not believe in this type of thing.  I am a PhD candidate in the Social Sciences and believe firmly in ruling out the most plausible explanations before jumping to something unlikely.  But this is empirical evidence for something that I do not have an explanation for.  I can not get the scene out of my mind and it has kept me up all night.  We do not live far from the field and in the morning we will go investigate.  I feel an irrational coward for not investigating last night, but somehow it felt overwhelmingly wrong to do so.

Oh, and after spending all night looking at the Internet, I can tell  you it is not Chinese lanterns.  I have seen a video of those and this looked noting like that.  There was not wind to account for the movements, they were sparkling, and they were speeding up, slowing down, and hovering.

Belgaum, India

December  07,  2012  7:00PM

Dear sir, my friend and I had gone for a evening walk.  When we saw a star like object moving in the sky rapidly, it moved from Southwest to North.

I came back home and then told my wife about it.  And was showing her which part this event took place in the sky, when suddenly we spotted something again move.  This time the distance star like object moved, we though it was a satellite.

Then ran on top of my terrace with binoculars and again spotted strange lights move in sky.  This time it moved like a kite in circles also called everybody, all saw the strange phenomena, it is just one hour back.

Alvarado, TX

December  07,  2012  7:00PM

I went to my back yard to have a cigarette and in the sky I noticed an object I noticed it was moving far too slowly to be an aircraft.  I do not think it was a helicopter because there was absolutely no noise coming from it.  It was (or appeared to be) circular in shape, it had two lights one blue and the other amber.  It also had a second set of lights that rotated around the craft, those lights were white, there were several of them and when turned on the previous one would turn off.  I could be mistaken but the combination of the seconds set of lights and fact that this object was silent make me doubt it was a helicopter or airplane.

Eldridge, IA

December  07,  2012  6:40PM

I was traveling South on New Highway 61; the city in question was located to the right.  I was not driving, so I was at liberty to observe the sky without distraction.  The sky was cloudy, and above the lights of the city, the clouds appeared grey and luminescent.

Above the city, I saw five lights, each a warm golden-orange color.  They looked like stars to me, both in height and magnitude; if the sky had been clear, I would have believed that they actually were stars, and I probably would've taken no notice.  The lights were initially stationary in the sky.  As my vehicle approached and drove parallel to them, they hovered seemingly motionlessly.

In relation to one another, they were positioned thusly: to the North, three lights were positioned in an obtuse triangle pattern, with the Northern most light acting as the obtuse vertex.  The other two lights were positioned father the South, with one higher in the sky and the other lower in the sky than the triangularly positioned lights.

I watched them for as long as my vehicle moved farther South, away from the sky lights and the city of Eldridge.  At this point I believe that I saw the Southern most lights move.  The lower lights appeared to ascend and approach the upper light.  The trees were obscuring my vision at this point, so I am less confident in this part of my account than the previous paragraphs.

I believe that these lights were too high in the sky to have originated from any buildings in Eldridge, which is a relatively small town with no high rise buildings.  Also, I do not know of any terrestrial aircraft that have the ability to remain so still.

Mas Meadows, VA

December  07,  2012  08:00AM

It looked like star, came down maybe 100 to 150feet from us, silent, stopped didn't move for about 2mins, hovering in front of us, we were smiling from ear to ear, then took off straight up fast as lighting, stopped again for maybe 30 seconds, went right, in a speed that was impossible, we both know what we were looking at, it was not from our world, nothing our military has could do this.

Houston, TX

December  07,  2012  06:35AM

My wife and I were walking our dogs in the backyard.  I was talking to my wife who was nearly twenty feet away from me.  A flash of green light hit the backyard and my wife looked up and saw a yellow trail that might have been fire. (She says like the back to the future trail left by the car).  Bright trail that slowly faded away  At the same time the yard lit up, I was looking for cars, there were none.  There were no sounds.