Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thomaston, CT

November  04,  2012  6:45PM

In Thomaston, CT in the vicinity of Highwood Farms, I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, and at nighttime when I smoke I like to stargaze, and I noticed a flashing light over the residential area.

It was a strobe flashing light of white, green, red, and blue lights all in random order.  You could see the light shimmering in the sky, so to be sure it was not a star I went and got my rifle scope.  After staring at it through the rifle scope I noticed orange lights gaining altitude on the horizon.  These lights then connected into the stationary light.  It then got very bright for a split second as the lights intersected.  The orange lights then began to rise vertically.

The lights then began to start moving towards my direction.  As it was moving I noticed it was in a linear pattern of  four orange lights with a  white light flashing beneath it.  As it continued to move I then looked at it through my rifle scope and saw the lights then transform into a triangle of 3 orange lights with a white light on the bottom.

It continued on its course and as it passed, it made a strange "voooooom" noise in a deep low octave.

About 3-5 minutes pass...

I returned outside to smoke another cigarette while I called my friend in Georgia, who has seen a lot of UFO activity in his area.  While I called him I saw another light similar to the initial strobe light of multiple colors begin to rise from the horizon and then after a minute or two it disappeared.

I know what I saw multiple UFO anomalies in the sky.  Possible a plane?  I do not believe so, aliens are a very real thing in the vast universe.  Keep your eyes on the stars  you will never know when you see one.

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