Monday, January 7, 2013

Springfield, VT

November 16,  2012  11:00PM

At about 11pm at night, I went outside to see a meteor shower that was supposed to be happening (Leonid Meteor Shower).  I sat on my porch, looking at the stars, when I noticed a blinking star.  I looked closely and it was blinking red and blue, very bright in color  then I noticed that it was moving all over the sky, right, left, up, down.  I ran inside to get a blanket, and ran back out and it was still there.  It would get closer at times, and it would occasionally stop and hover.  I could see that it would be a spear shape, with the light in the center and coming from the center there were long line, as if connecting on the outer rim.  I was not sure what I was seeing, and kept watching it for an hour, going around the sky, getting closer than further away.  When I did get to see it, it looked like some sort of craft, honestly.  I do not know how to describe it.  It was dark and could only see so much.  I did see a plane fly by and pass by it  I waited for something to happen, but it continued for an hour before I decided I was freezing and had to go inside.  All I know is that I have never seen anything like it before.

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