Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spring Valley, AZ

December  06,  2012  8:15PM

The sighting I described has occurred in the same general vicinity over the last three nights and has been consistent in the time that it appears as well as the directions it takes.  I first sighted this object at approximately 8:15pm, on the night of December 6, 2012.  At first it seemed to be just another satellite as it moved through the stars.  As I followed this object I noticed it seemed to speed up then slow down  That in itself seeming to be strange so I decided to watch it more carefully.  It was then that I was surprised to see this object slow down then come to a complete stop.  Now it had my full attention.  As I watched it further it continued to hover for approximately thirty seconds then continued on it's path West to East.  It continued in a straight line for another few seconds and then made an abrupt 90 degree turn to the South.  Not just a curving turn but a sharp, almost instantaneous left turn.

It then continued on this track but started a circling pattern South to East, East to North, North to West.  That circular pattern,  in my estimation, would have cover hundreds of miles of apace.  It continued this pattern for about five to seven minutes and then abruptly shot toward the Eastern Horizon and disappeared.  The speeds of this object differed from very slow, barely moving to covering vast amount of space in seconds.  The following evening at about the same time (8-8:15) I was out watching for satellites and low and behold there it was again.  Same pattern, same various speeds, same sharp turn.  This continued for the next two nights so I decided to call and report this strange phenomenon.

My lack of technical background will not allow me to give you any more detail of the area this object covered  other than to tell how that the object covered approximately 2 /3 of the night sky from about 45 degrees above horizon to almost exactly over my head (straight up).

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