Monday, January 7, 2013

Salt Lake, UT

November  17,  2012  03:00AM

I noticed a bright orange light in the sky.  There was a slight cloud cover, but I could still see this orange light.  I was not sure what it was so I watched it for a while.  It appeared that another light and up to 2 more lights appeared and stayed together in the same area.  They appear like a star but I have never seen stars or planets that are in this area that are orange.

I work night shifts so I am awake at night.  These lights are still there.  I can distinctly see two of them.  They are not moving.  They appear to just be sitting in the same spot.  I wondered if it was a reflection of some sort but I do not know of what.  It almost has the color of fire in the sky.  They appear to be definite points of light, like a star, but I have seen u  to three to the, then it goes down to two or one.  Right now I see two. I will keep watching to see if I can figure out what this is.
Note: Possible sightings of a star.

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