Sunday, January 20, 2013

Philadelphia, PA

December  06,  2012  02:00AM

My friends and I were leaving a party at another friend's house around 2am.  When we walked outside we immediately noticed how bright the stars were and how many of them we could see (We were in North central Philadelphia, near Temple University where even on the clearest nights you can hardly see stars because of the light pollution).

We were all just taking a moment to looked  up at the stars, marveling at our freak ability to see so many.

My friend remarked that he could see Orion's belt and that is about when I saw a dark, V shaped formation flying across the sky.  I though at first it was a flock of geese especially since it was moving South East, but I quickly realized it was not.

As soon as I said "whoa, look at that plane"; I realized it was not a plane at all, there were no lights on it and it was flying very low to the ground (maybe 600 or 700 feet in the air at most) it was also completely silent.

Just to be clear, we live near 2 airports, we see taking off/landing planes all the time, daily, and this is not what they look like).  As soon as I pointed out the "plane", then quickly corrected myself and said "wait no, there's no lights on it, hold on it was out of sight".  It was moving silently, gliding, but it was moving at a pretty good speed.  My other two friends who had seen it confirmed how strange it was and we tried to run down the street to keep up with it, but lost sight due to the bright street lights and buildings in our way.

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