Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ocean City, NJ

December  06,  2012  6:45PM

As a UFO enthusiast and amateur researcher, the recent sightings in our area have proved puzzling.  This particular evening produced a phenomena that neither I nor my passenger could explain.  While stopped at an intersection,  I glanced at the sky and noticed four white blinking lights in the form of an "V".  At first, I dismissed them as airplanes, but upon further inspection noticed that they were changing formation and did not produce any audible sound.  My passenger instructed me to pull over, and I suggested we attempt to record a video on her cellular phone as evidence.

However, the objects did not show well on the video, likely due to the abundance of street lamps overhead.  Soon after, a passenger plane appeared to pass below the objects. 

This is when the story grew to be especially peculiar.  For the rest of the evening, my family and I heard military jets and helicopters hovering through the area appearing  to  be searching for something  This is unusual, as we live in a small seashore town with very little activity this time of year.

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