Monday, January 7, 2013

New York City (Brooklyn), NY

November 19,  2012  12:35AM

I live in Brooklyn New York.  Right across the East River in Williamsburg, giving me a clean shot of the Lower East Side, Manhattan and the surrounding skyline from the roof top of my apartment building.  To the Northeast I can see the Queens-based La Guardia airport and almost directly South  is JFK.  I sit outside a few times every night to have a cigarette and pay very close attention to the sky and I know what conventional aircraft look like.  I've seen plenty of  military craft as well, aircraft that the normal Joe - Schmoe dose not see every day.  Anything from F16 Fighter Jets, Sikorsky VH-3D Helicopters, Chinook helicopters and once I even saw on Osprey flying over the East River Harbor.  Long story short, I am very use to seeing unconventional craft in the sky as well.

I stepped outside onto my roof for a cigarette around 12:30am, as I normally do and when I looked up, I noticed how bright the stars were.  There are not many nights in New York City when the stars are visible.  There was not a cloud in the sky and I was enjoying being able to see Orion's Belt as I puffed away.  Then it come into my line of vision  A very mysterious craft or UFO that flew directly over my head!  Now I can see planes flying both airports nearby and not once has any commercial flight flow directly overhead of my building.  If this craft was the size of a normal commercial flight, then it was flying at a severely low altitude.  It was very hard to comprehend the size, especially because there was not noise.  If it was a large commercial flight then it was way too low for FAA regulations, especially this close to Ground Zero  (99/11).  The best explanation  from what I directly witnessed, is it was flying at a high altitude and was just immensely huge, possibly the length  of a football field  It was in my line of vision for around 7-10 seconds before it disappeared behind the Williamsburg Bridge.  I ran down the fire escape on the side of y building praying that I would catch a glimpse of it again once it passed the bridge, or at least see some FAA lights.

The best way to describe it is the typical V-Shape that is pretty common  in UFO sightings.  There were 5 lights.  One at the tip, then two down each side, perfectly symmetrical and at a perfect angle.  The lights were very large, circular and the light emitted was diffused, almost as if they were behind a haze.  Remember it was clear enough to see Orion's Belt directly across from Manhattan so it was a crystal clear night.  Other planes that were further away by  miles has sharper looking lights and were more visible.  I was glad that I was looking at the stars or I could have never seen it because of  how muted it was.  The lights that were present were a very soft white-yellowish color and did NOT flash.  The body looked to follow the contours of the lights although it was hard to make out a solid surface.  It was almost like you could see through the craft while just making out the signatures of it edges but I could not see the stars behind it  There was  not sound what so ever.  It seemed to fly at a high speed very effortlessly.

When I had realized what I had seen it took my breath away.  My heart jumped straight up into my throat and I actually had a hard time breathing for a minute and I think I mumbled the "f" word to myself a few times.  I am  100% convinced that what I saw, I was not supposed to have seen.  It was very faint, lasted only for a few seconds, and was unlike anything I've ever seen in the night sky or in my life for that matter.  It is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.


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