Monday, January 7, 2013

Mission Viejo, CA

November 14,  2012  05:00AM

I was watching television.  And at around 5:00am, I rolled over on the couch to see if the sun was up yet.  I opened the blinds, and it was still very dark, that is when I noticed a stationary red pulsating light over the neighbor's apartment.  I continued to watch the light for about 2-3 minutes it would flash 9 times red then 1 time white.

As I continued to watch the light I noticed another red light seemingly to come from nowhere fly directly underneath the original red light  I continued to watch the lights for about another minute, that is when the second light to arrive shot off to my left over my roof, and out of sight.  I knew at that time that this was not a helicopter.  However I was still not sure of what I was seeing, the original red light was still there so I went outside on my doorstep to see if I would hear anything.  There was no sound.  It was completely still in the sky very bright, and very silent.

I went back inside and continues to watch the flashing light 9 red 1 white.  For some stupid reason I became a little anxious, I thought to myself, what if this thing is watching me watching it  I have heard of UFO sightings being questionable, explainable, and somewhat brief.  I have never been a believer, not have I ever had a interest in UFOs or alien's, until now  I do not know what I saw, but I know what I saw and I do not believe it was anything man made. I watched this UFO for a solid 8 minutes before it literally shot off to my fight in the opposite direction as the second UFO, over the neighbors apartment and out of sight.

I paced back and fourth in my apartment trying to make sense of what I had witnessed trying compare memories of what I have seen prior to in the sky.   Nothing matched.

I am a frequent flyer between here and U.K. I know what planes look like at night time from the ground and in the air I have seen many helicopters in the sky, this was neither of them.  I went onto the Internet and search what I had seen and to my surprise there are many similar sightings thank god, because for a minute there I started to doubt myself, but to deny myself what I has seen would just be a lie.

I know what I witnessed, even if my friends and family so not believe me, I do not care.

I however on the other hand am now a believer, and I truly hope this won't be my last sighting because the unexplainable is truly awesome!!

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