Sunday, January 20, 2013

King of Prussia, PA

December  05,  2012  9:30PM

I was in my truck driving West on I-76 near US 202 on 12/05/2012 at approx. 9:30pm, when I saw 3 extra bright lights following each other like planes when they are in a flight path.  They were probably about a mile or 2 high and about a half mile apart, but it was hard to tell from the ground. (It may have been less because I could see the objects fairly well, even at night.)  What was strange was how much light was coming from then on all sides of the objects.  I said there were 30 witnesses, because other drivers on the highway were slowing down to look at them and several had pulled over to the shoulder and were standing outside their cars.

The lights were dazzlingly bright and were shining away from the craft on all sides like spotlights and were so bright that I could see that the objects were oval and greenish white overall with no windows.  I also slowed down and observed a stranger thing.  The lead light/object made an abrupt left turn almost 270 degrees and headed directly toward the second light. The  second light never changed course or speed, but the one that turned accelerate to an unbelievable speed and shot past the second one so closely that I thought they would collide.  For an instant both craft were lit up by a little more and I saw them better.

The one that sped up, continued to increase speed until it almost instantly disappeared past the tree-hill line.  I never saw anything move that fast before or turn like that including all of the jests I'd seen at Air shows.  I had opened my window early on to see better and also noticed that the craft were completely silent.  I exited the highway onto South Gulph Road and could see the 2 remaining craft very distinctly through the tree branches and again when I stopped on Croton Road and watched the until they too disappeared over the tree line.  All the while, other drivers were slowing and stopping to see them from every angle.

I am a 52 year old retired computer technician now raising and training dogs.  I may have seen strange lights in the sky and have watched meteor showers and such in remote areas, but this was unlike any other experience I've had and it was over a major highway and a moderately populated area.  I do not usually see many planes in this area, but sometimes there are traffic helicopters around during the day.

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