Monday, January 7, 2013

Gurgaon, India

November 13,  2012  11:18PM

It around 23:15pm, when I was just roaming on my roof top to see the fireworks (on the eve of Diwali, Festival celebrated in India), suddenly I saw a fireball like a object approaching towards my side.  I thought it might be an aircraft or any cracker, but it was just in a continuous sluggish motion and when it passed by me overhead.  It was like bluish light around a yellowish glowing fireball.  At that time I was not having a camera or my cell phone with me to take it photograph.  Then I just rushed downstairs to call my mom & dad, to inform them about the whole incident and also took them upstairs with me to catch a glimpse of the unidentified object, but it was our bad luck that it was no longer visible and had escaped in the sky.

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