Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fort Wayne, IN

December  04,  2012  10:00PM

I was driving one on the East side of town, down State St., and I looked up and saw a bright light in the sky a ways down the road.  It was like a single headlight was shining toward me.  I turned right down coliseum and as I drove the object followed to the left of me.  I must have seen it from a different angle then because the bright light was gone and instead there were two white lights and blinking red one in the middle.  At first I thought it was a helicopter but then when I stopped at the light so did it.  It was the strangest thing  I pulled into the nearby parking lot and sort of followed it.  It hovered a while and then sank down behind a hill. I could see the outline of a sort of 3d diamond shape thought.  I have never seen anything like this before.  But I did see a lady next to me watching it too so at least I know I am not crazy right.

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