Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cypress, TX

December  03,  2012  2:20PM

I was in the Lone Star College-Cy Fair parking lot facing West (on the South side of the tech building) in my pickup talking on my cell phone.  I looked out the window which I had rolled down and observed a light that was long in length side to side traveling in a North Northwest direction.

If  you looked at the sun, the object was 45 degrees up to the right of the sun, in the clearing of the clouds.  It had like a trail, but it was not a contrail in anyway, then there was a flash and it was totally gone from the sky.

There were neither planes nor jets I could see in the sky at the time, there was moderate cloud cover, but my view was not obscured.  I thought jet, but it was way too long to be a jet or conventional aircraft and I would not guess at the altitude, but maybe 60 degrees up and seemed very distant.

I am a former truck driver, current small business owner and college student.

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