Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Boothwyn, PA

November  05,  2012   5:02PM

I was driving home to New Castle, DE from Philadelphia, PA traveling South on I-95.  It was approx. 5:02pm and dusk was approaching.  At first I thought I was seeing an optical illusion, because it looked like there was a tear in the cloud overhead.  Then I thought I was seeing a shooting star or meteor because it most definitely was not a plane, but I realized it was not moving or flickering at all it was constant!  What I saw was to the right about midway up my windshield.  It was bright amber light and stationary. 

 It was a cigar shaped and at a 45 degree angle like this:/ I did a double take, thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me and when I focused my attention on the sky, I noticed that there were multiple lights again all stationary and at a constant brilliance, at varying distances.  In addition to the closest one which was the most noticeable , I realized that there were at least 2 more in the same direction, but further in the distance like toward Brandywine Creek State Park.  The 4th I noticed  to the left in my range of sight, more toward the direction of the Delaware river.

 I could not pull off due to the volume of traffic, but kept my focus on the objects until they fell out of my range of sight.

I could see all 4 objects through the trees until about the split of 495 South.  Once I got onto 495 South, I could only still see one of the objects.  It had gotten very faint like it had travelled a great distance in an instant.  It was as if it had moved from the direction of the Brandywine Creek State Park more toward the direction of Kennett Square, PA but it could also, be a result of the route I was traveling.  I have always believed in extraterrestrial life, however, I am extremely logical, and pragmatic.  I have NEVER in my life experienced anything as distinctly concrete as this sighting that would lead me to filing a report, but I very much want to find validation that I am not the only person that witnessed this event.


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