Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Birch Tree, MO

December  06,  2012  7:00PM

I noticed a number of red/orange lights moving in lines and leaving a streak of red like flickers behind them.  There were probably 10 at first, I pointed them out to my sister then there looked to be a lot planes in the sky, all of a sudden there were probably 10 or more, they were like stars burning out.

I came in and got my dad to see then, there were more red/orange lights.  One came down towards the field out front and came within 50 or 60 feet from the ground another one came lower but was father out.

I have lived here forever and have never seen anything like it! I want answers.

Canton, IL

December  06,  2012  7:00PM

I was outside with my boyfriend and seen 3 fireball looking objects in the sky lined up.  They were very low and big.  They appeared for 2 minutes then disappeared from the current spot.  Then they reappeared in another spot in the sky just as low as they had previously done.  This went on for about 10 minutes.

There was several other aircraft in the sky at the time moving towards the direction of the fireballs.

Spring Valley, AZ

December  06,  2012  8:15PM

The sighting I described has occurred in the same general vicinity over the last three nights and has been consistent in the time that it appears as well as the directions it takes.  I first sighted this object at approximately 8:15pm, on the night of December 6, 2012.  At first it seemed to be just another satellite as it moved through the stars.  As I followed this object I noticed it seemed to speed up then slow down  That in itself seeming to be strange so I decided to watch it more carefully.  It was then that I was surprised to see this object slow down then come to a complete stop.  Now it had my full attention.  As I watched it further it continued to hover for approximately thirty seconds then continued on it's path West to East.  It continued in a straight line for another few seconds and then made an abrupt 90 degree turn to the South.  Not just a curving turn but a sharp, almost instantaneous left turn.

It then continued on this track but started a circling pattern South to East, East to North, North to West.  That circular pattern,  in my estimation, would have cover hundreds of miles of apace.  It continued this pattern for about five to seven minutes and then abruptly shot toward the Eastern Horizon and disappeared.  The speeds of this object differed from very slow, barely moving to covering vast amount of space in seconds.  The following evening at about the same time (8-8:15) I was out watching for satellites and low and behold there it was again.  Same pattern, same various speeds, same sharp turn.  This continued for the next two nights so I decided to call and report this strange phenomenon.

My lack of technical background will not allow me to give you any more detail of the area this object covered  other than to tell how that the object covered approximately 2 /3 of the night sky from about 45 degrees above horizon to almost exactly over my head (straight up).

Ocean City, NJ

December  06,  2012  6:45PM

As a UFO enthusiast and amateur researcher, the recent sightings in our area have proved puzzling.  This particular evening produced a phenomena that neither I nor my passenger could explain.  While stopped at an intersection,  I glanced at the sky and noticed four white blinking lights in the form of an "V".  At first, I dismissed them as airplanes, but upon further inspection noticed that they were changing formation and did not produce any audible sound.  My passenger instructed me to pull over, and I suggested we attempt to record a video on her cellular phone as evidence.

However, the objects did not show well on the video, likely due to the abundance of street lamps overhead.  Soon after, a passenger plane appeared to pass below the objects. 

This is when the story grew to be especially peculiar.  For the rest of the evening, my family and I heard military jets and helicopters hovering through the area appearing  to  be searching for something  This is unusual, as we live in a small seashore town with very little activity this time of year.

New Durham, NH

December 06,  2012  6:30PM

At first I thought I was seeing 2 airplanes flying in an East or Northeasterly direction, one ahead of the other.  The one in the back got closer to the front one.  I was concerned about a mid-air collision and pointed it out to my friend that was with me saying  "That looks dangerous.  I am surprised they are allowed to fly that close together especially at night".  The white lights continued to get closer together and closer to where we were standing, and then slowed down a bit.

Then we realized that it was not two airplanes but was one extremely big round machine with white lights on opposite sides.  The reason it looked like two lanes getting closer together was because it had lights on the left and lights on the right of it and it was slowly spinning/turning giving the illusion of 2 planes getting closer.  We watched it for quite a while until it sunk below the top of the tree line until we could not see it anymore.  The other odd thing was that there was no sound  whatsoever, not even after it had passed us.  Both observers are middle-aged, 1 male, 1 female, both completely sober. 

Henderson, NV

December 06,  2012  5:30PM

My husband and I were on our way home from work and stopped in the Whitney Ranch area to pick up my niece.  While we were waiting (at around 5:30pm) my husband noticed something strange in the night sky almost directly above us.  The object had been travelling rather fast from South to North when it came to a stop and hovered.  This was the Southeast area of the Las Vegas valley.  This area happens to lie directly in the flight path to McCarran airport so it's not unusual to see aircraft.  The object appeared to be a round sphere, glowing with pulsating red light.  By the way it stopped and hovered we first thought it might be a helicopter at high altitude but it did not have the normal lights  you'd expect to see on any known aircraft.  It simply pulsated a glowing red light.  At one point, the pulse was rather large and shortly after that there seemed to be a white halo above it for a brief  moment.  Immediately following this the object seemed to fly straight up very quickly.  the light seemed to become more and more distant and turned a dim white color and we assumed it was heading straight up to a much higher altitude.  This assumption proved incorrect however as we began driving (watching it through the sunroof) my first impression was that it was taking off at a high speed.  Then I realized it only seemed to be moving because we were moving.  As we made turns through the neighborhood this continued which confirmed that it could not possibly be at the high altitude we thought it had climbed to.  The light had become very faint and it was hardly discernible amid the star, but as we traveled the stars seemed to stay stationary while this object was obviously very close to us in the relation.  It was higher than the incoming airplanes but I cannot judge the altitude.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Philadelphia, PA

December  06,  2012  02:00AM

My friends and I were leaving a party at another friend's house around 2am.  When we walked outside we immediately noticed how bright the stars were and how many of them we could see (We were in North central Philadelphia, near Temple University where even on the clearest nights you can hardly see stars because of the light pollution).

We were all just taking a moment to looked  up at the stars, marveling at our freak ability to see so many.

My friend remarked that he could see Orion's belt and that is about when I saw a dark, V shaped formation flying across the sky.  I though at first it was a flock of geese especially since it was moving South East, but I quickly realized it was not.

As soon as I said "whoa, look at that plane"; I realized it was not a plane at all, there were no lights on it and it was flying very low to the ground (maybe 600 or 700 feet in the air at most) it was also completely silent.

Just to be clear, we live near 2 airports, we see taking off/landing planes all the time, daily, and this is not what they look like).  As soon as I pointed out the "plane", then quickly corrected myself and said "wait no, there's no lights on it, hold on it was out of sight".  It was moving silently, gliding, but it was moving at a pretty good speed.  My other two friends who had seen it confirmed how strange it was and we tried to run down the street to keep up with it, but lost sight due to the bright street lights and buildings in our way.

Belleville, IL

December  05,  2012  10:50PM

I was outside with my wife around 10:55pm talking.  I looked up and saw three to four orange yellow lights traveling South West.  That did not blink or hover, but continued to move and change direction and formation, although to my wife it looked like one craft turning.  I live next to an air base but did not hear any noise from the craft.  I did see an airplane after the objects disappeared, but it was much further away.

King of Prussia, PA

December  05,  2012  9:30PM

I was in my truck driving West on I-76 near US 202 on 12/05/2012 at approx. 9:30pm, when I saw 3 extra bright lights following each other like planes when they are in a flight path.  They were probably about a mile or 2 high and about a half mile apart, but it was hard to tell from the ground. (It may have been less because I could see the objects fairly well, even at night.)  What was strange was how much light was coming from then on all sides of the objects.  I said there were 30 witnesses, because other drivers on the highway were slowing down to look at them and several had pulled over to the shoulder and were standing outside their cars.

The lights were dazzlingly bright and were shining away from the craft on all sides like spotlights and were so bright that I could see that the objects were oval and greenish white overall with no windows.  I also slowed down and observed a stranger thing.  The lead light/object made an abrupt left turn almost 270 degrees and headed directly toward the second light. The  second light never changed course or speed, but the one that turned accelerate to an unbelievable speed and shot past the second one so closely that I thought they would collide.  For an instant both craft were lit up by a little more and I saw them better.

The one that sped up, continued to increase speed until it almost instantly disappeared past the tree-hill line.  I never saw anything move that fast before or turn like that including all of the jests I'd seen at Air shows.  I had opened my window early on to see better and also noticed that the craft were completely silent.  I exited the highway onto South Gulph Road and could see the 2 remaining craft very distinctly through the tree branches and again when I stopped on Croton Road and watched the until they too disappeared over the tree line.  All the while, other drivers were slowing and stopping to see them from every angle.

I am a 52 year old retired computer technician now raising and training dogs.  I may have seen strange lights in the sky and have watched meteor showers and such in remote areas, but this was unlike any other experience I've had and it was over a major highway and a moderately populated area.  I do not usually see many planes in this area, but sometimes there are traffic helicopters around during the day.

Montgomery, TX

December  05,  2012  9:00PM

We witnessed what appeared to be a circular object with 3 brighter lights in a row and multiple flashing green and red lights that were constantly changing.  It appeared to hover in the same place with the 3 brighter lights never moving.  It was a clear night.

Myrtle Beach, SC

December  05,  2012  7:00PM

My husband, young daughter, and I were traveling to Myrtle Beach for a few days and were about 15 minutes away from our resort traveling on 544 West, when I noticed a bright, yellowish-orange light that was star-like, but noticeably larger.

At first, I thought it might be a cell tower light  because it was stationary and it faded out, but less than a minute later, it appeared again in a different location with another one beside it.  They both remained stationary and faded out.

About a minute later, they appeared again closer together for only 2 or 3 seconds and faded out a final time.

It was cloudy and foggy the rest of our evenings in Myrtle Beach.

Martinsville, OH

December  05,  2012  6:45PM

Well my family was travelling down Rt. 28 heading toward new Vianna and right at the flashing lights in Martinsville off to the right we saw a flashing light much like a strobe light and then within seconds there was a bright big orange light that swooped down super fast then went back up.  It was as fast as lighting then there was four more bright orange lights. Seconds later there were many twinkling lights not moving but not normal we were all still pulled over during this and a man in all black pulled over said "it was probably military".  Then he pulled out in front of us then turned around quickly.

Eastgate, OH

December  05,  2012  6:40PM

I saw rectangular yellow light seen in middle of sky, suddenly disappears, then reappears at horizon.  40 seconds later appeared 20 degrees to left.  Remains visible for 3 seconds disappears, appears immediately 5 degrees further left.  Again, visible for 3 seconds then disappears, then appears 10 degrees to left.  Stays for 5 seconds, then it is gone.  Never reappeared after this incident.

Hamilton (Canada), ON

December  05,  2012  5:25PM

Travelling down Eastbound 403,  I witnessed what looked to be a star of enormous proportions all the while changing colors very quickly.  Then, what looked to be an aircraft seemed to be passing or following the :orb" of light, just below it, and travelling slowly from right to left.  It did not appear to move in the sky as the smaller plane or object did, and since I was on the highway, it became obscured by the landscape once I travelled down the escarpment. 

Reston, VA

December  05,  2012  01:45AM

The object was mostly spherical.  It seemed to change shape but mostly because the light was bright and the edges of the object appeared to blur slightly.  While it was not a fireball it's colors wee reddish orange and was extremely bright.  It seemed to be moving slowly and Southeast in direction.  It's path never changed direction as it flew directly over y building.  I followed it until it flew out of view over trees and other buildings.  While not moving very fast it was in and out of view quickly.

Living in the DC area I am privy to jet fighter flyovers, search helicopter and a host of commercial aircraft.  This was not the shape, color, size, speed, or sound of any aircraft I have ever seen.

I am a 42 year old male.  I work as an art director for a large technology firm and I teach graphic and web design for a prominent college university.  I have lived the DC area all my life

Willowbrook, IL

December  04,  2012  4:00PM

I was heading West on Bluff Road in Willowbrook, IL, heading towards Argonne National Laboratory around 4:00pm, when I saw what appeared to be a very bright light in the sky almost resembling a big star.

As I was looking at the light a second one appeared next two it at a distance of 100 feet from my view point and shortly after that one appeared a third one appeared at the same distance.  All three objects were in a perfect straight line and evenly spaced.

The objects disappeared at the same time shortly after they all were visible.

I am not sure on the altitude of the objects it was above the tree line and whole episode lasted about three minutes from the sighting of the first object.

Corpus Christi, TX

December  04,  2012  6:45PM

I saw a bright light in the northern sky about 45 degrees up, and it was twinkling like a star but had a slight red glow to it.  Within a bout 1 to 1 and a half minutes, it gradually diminished until it disappeared from view.

Almost immediately afterwards, I saw a much larger, round bright orange light slowly rising in an arc towards where the previous light had been.

When it reached the same spot, it stopped and slowly turned into the twinkling light we first noticed and, again, slowly begin to diminish and disappear.

I waited about 15 minutes but never saw anything else.

Nunn, CO

December  04,  2012  7:00PM

I was driving home from Fort Collins Colorado to y house near Nunn Colorado.  It was approximately 7pm.  I was on Weld County Road 100, approximately half way between Wellington and Nunn Colorado.

I glanced to the South and saw three strange lights in the sky.  They looked a bit like stars in the sky but were much brighter, and there were not many stars visible at that time.  The lights were arranged in a triangle patterns.

My first thought was it was just the lights of the large radio towers South of my house.  I was driving so I pulled over to the side of the road.  Once I stopped I was able to locate the red lights of the radio tower and they were Not the three mysterious lights that I was seeing. The lights were higher in the sky and further West then the Radio tower lights.

I watched the lights and I was trying to grasp what they could be.  Nothing in my mind fit what I was seeing.  They were no stars, they were not earthly aircraft.  As I stared with amazement at the lights, which had been stationary in the sky, spun in the sky together in a circular motion two full revolutions then the three lights took off in different directions from each other.  The speed at which they exited my view was faster than anything I have ever witnessed.

I waited about 2 minutes to see if I would see them again.  I did not. I am not sure what it is that I was looking at, and I have done some simple google searches to see if there others that may have witnesses what I did.  I have found nothing.

St. Paul, MN

December  04,  2012  7:00PM

I was standing out side of my house smoking and looked up at the clear night sky and saw a light which to me looked like a star. But I realized it was moving across the sky in one direction, but as I watched it I saw it move in different directions and the after 5 minutes or so it turned Orange red and then disappeared  I have actually seen this multiple times in St. Paul, cottage grove and in Hugo MN., kid of confused on what I am seeing.

Fort Wayne, IN

December  04,  2012  10:00PM

I was driving one on the East side of town, down State St., and I looked up and saw a bright light in the sky a ways down the road.  It was like a single headlight was shining toward me.  I turned right down coliseum and as I drove the object followed to the left of me.  I must have seen it from a different angle then because the bright light was gone and instead there were two white lights and blinking red one in the middle.  At first I thought it was a helicopter but then when I stopped at the light so did it.  It was the strangest thing  I pulled into the nearby parking lot and sort of followed it.  It hovered a while and then sank down behind a hill. I could see the outline of a sort of 3d diamond shape thought.  I have never seen anything like this before.  But I did see a lady next to me watching it too so at least I know I am not crazy right.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kearns, UT

December  03,  2012  7:15PM

Observing East we saw orange lights ascending up in to the sky one after another.  The higher they went the dimmer they got until they faded away.  The last light object reached high in the sky and stopped moving for 2-3 minutes, then faded away very quickly like it disappeared.  None of the orange lights moved quickly, had not signs of smoke or blinking lights.

Binghamton, NY

December  03,  2012  5:00PM

After driving down a connecting road to Main street, Binghamton, my wife saw strange reddish glowing lights in formation, I too looked and saw them.  Many others saw them.

People on the sidewalk as well as other drivers who stopped.  Mind you this was 5pm traffic.  The object seemed to be in a triangle or diamond shape.  It appeared to be pulsing this reddish light, but very much not a strobe on a plane, or a helicopter.

Then as we left a parking lot a very loud bang was heard.  It sounded like a gunshot but was very loud and could be heard a great distant away.  We know this because our neighbor also heard this at her home a half mile away

Cypress, TX

December  03,  2012  2:20PM

I was in the Lone Star College-Cy Fair parking lot facing West (on the South side of the tech building) in my pickup talking on my cell phone.  I looked out the window which I had rolled down and observed a light that was long in length side to side traveling in a North Northwest direction.

If  you looked at the sun, the object was 45 degrees up to the right of the sun, in the clearing of the clouds.  It had like a trail, but it was not a contrail in anyway, then there was a flash and it was totally gone from the sky.

There were neither planes nor jets I could see in the sky at the time, there was moderate cloud cover, but my view was not obscured.  I thought jet, but it was way too long to be a jet or conventional aircraft and I would not guess at the altitude, but maybe 60 degrees up and seemed very distant.

I am a former truck driver, current small business owner and college student.

Miami, FL

December 03,  2012  02:30AM

I was driving South on Miami's 826/Palmetto expressway.  I had left my best friend's house after watching a movie.  While on the highway I noticed maybe 10-13 red lights in the night sky. Because my car was dustier than usual due to local construction, I had to roll down my driver's window to get a clearer view  The red lights seemed so out of place I decided to stop the car and parked it on the emergency lane.  They were fairly low, close to the Western horizon and they were slowly moving due South.  They were spread out but maintained their places, all appearing to move at the same speed.  They reminded me of aircraft in formation but the pattern was irregular, rather like a constellation's shape.  They were essentially red lights, and were only slightly larger than any star in the sky and they seemed to twinkle softly as stars do.  Because I did not have a great camera on me, I called my best friend on my cell phone! and told him to run out and look West.  But as he was getting out of his apartment, they all began to fade slowly and one after another until they disappeared entirely.

As an artist, I consider myself an extremely open-minded parson.  But I try to approach such situations with a rational mind. I have never before seen anything like this in person.  I am also sure there must have been several people who witnessed this.  The lights covered at least a sixth of the night sky.  While there was not a great deal of traffic at 2:30am, the city was not entirely asleep either  Anyone driving due West on  several roads would have seen these lights gliding over head.  I do not drink nor do I take any hallucinogenic drugs and I was wide awake when I witnessed this.

As soon as I got home, I immediately went online to see if there was any news of a meteor shower or may be a satellite burning up and found nothing  I did find an article on a British news site of what is believed to be a recent meteor shower.  But the pictures show a phenomenon that looks entirely different.  I then googled a pictures of meteors and similar events and again, completely different images came up.  When finally going on YouTube at about 3:30am, I searched for the terms red lights sky; and found a few videos showing lights over Galveston and Farmingdale and finally found a match for what I saw!  While mysteries make life more exciting, explanations can be more comforting.  I would very much like an answer to this one.  It was beautiful but slightly unsettling.  

Gordo, AL

December  02,  2012  6:00PM

I was standing on my back deck, I was looking into the sky when I saw a bright white fire ball shoot across the sky and go down below the tree line.  The object was round and was sparkly, it left a light trail behind it.  It disappeared below the tree line.  It lasted about 15-20 seconds.

Shortly after that maybe 2-3 minutes later my husband and I saw a bright round object bigger and brighter than a star appeared from the South at a high elevation and descended to the North and slowly faded and disappeared.

Las Vegas, NV

December 02,  2012  4:30PM

The sky was slightly overcast.  I was watching TV, which sits just to the right of a South facing window.  Something caught my eye and I noticed from the above mentioned window a blackish "V" (almost like a small Stealth Fighter) shaped craft, moving from right to the left (West to East).

At first, I thought it was a kit, but it was moving very fast.  When it moved out of sight, due to the window's edge.

I quickly shifted my gaze towards a East facing window and caught it moving away at a very brisk speed.  I heard no noise what so ever, nor did I notice any lights.

Although my wife was with me, she did not see or hear anything.

Batesville, IN

December  02,  2012  02:15AM

My daughter woke me up to here puppy whimpering and climbed in bed with me  I was afraid that the puppy might go to the bathroom in the bed, so I decided to go ahead and take her outside to go use the bathroom. When walked around the back of the house first and then to the front of the house  I live in the country, so my neighbors are not close  Across the street in my neighbors field  I saw a oval shaped object with 6 orange/red lights around it.

Hovering about 100 feet off the ground.  There was no sound and it did not move,  Of course I was frightened so I grabbed the puppy and went into the house.  I waited for my husband to come home from work.  I did not see the object leave. 

Norfolk, VA

December  01,  2012  7:55

I noticed 2 bright red lights in the sky.  One appeared to be moving towards us and other seemed to be stationary.  The stationary object was a very bright reddish orange dolor, the other appeared to be red.  They wee very bright and almost looked like there was fire inside of them.

The stationary object started moving to the right and closer to us bout the same time the one that was initially moving started gaining altitude and eventually disappeared.

Then we saw a third light that looked to be shot off the ground and to the left, gaining altitude very quickly, it initially looked  yellow but when it got up close to the other it appeared to be the same red/orange color.

They both started moving to the right, gaining altitude and disappeared.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Jersey City, NJ

November  17,  2012  5:00PM

We were looking out of the kitchen window towards the South, kind of out over Newark Airport.  We saw three orange glows in the sky.  At first, I thought it must be the sun or moon, but they were clearly distinct shapes and they were moving kind of toward the left and downward until they finally disappeared behind the houses in the distance.  I would say they were not some king of optical illusion, nor did they appear to e some kind of reflection caused by the sun  They were definitely not airplanes.

We then did some looking around online to see if anyone else had reported any similar sightings, and we found many reports.

I would not like to say it was definitely something from outer space! Big claims required big evidence ( or something like that) as someone once said.  But they were definitely UFOs.

Salt Lake, UT

November  17,  2012  03:00AM

I noticed a bright orange light in the sky.  There was a slight cloud cover, but I could still see this orange light.  I was not sure what it was so I watched it for a while.  It appeared that another light and up to 2 more lights appeared and stayed together in the same area.  They appear like a star but I have never seen stars or planets that are in this area that are orange.

I work night shifts so I am awake at night.  These lights are still there.  I can distinctly see two of them.  They are not moving.  They appear to just be sitting in the same spot.  I wondered if it was a reflection of some sort but I do not know of what.  It almost has the color of fire in the sky.  They appear to be definite points of light, like a star, but I have seen u  to three to the, then it goes down to two or one.  Right now I see two. I will keep watching to see if I can figure out what this is.
Note: Possible sightings of a star.

Springfield, VT

November 16,  2012  11:00PM

At about 11pm at night, I went outside to see a meteor shower that was supposed to be happening (Leonid Meteor Shower).  I sat on my porch, looking at the stars, when I noticed a blinking star.  I looked closely and it was blinking red and blue, very bright in color  then I noticed that it was moving all over the sky, right, left, up, down.  I ran inside to get a blanket, and ran back out and it was still there.  It would get closer at times, and it would occasionally stop and hover.  I could see that it would be a spear shape, with the light in the center and coming from the center there were long line, as if connecting on the outer rim.  I was not sure what I was seeing, and kept watching it for an hour, going around the sky, getting closer than further away.  When I did get to see it, it looked like some sort of craft, honestly.  I do not know how to describe it.  It was dark and could only see so much.  I did see a plane fly by and pass by it  I waited for something to happen, but it continued for an hour before I decided I was freezing and had to go inside.  All I know is that I have never seen anything like it before.

Hayden, ID

November  14,  2012  8:30PM

I was outside having just a normal smoke outside, as me and my dad were looking at the sky to see what the weather was going to do.  While looking up we noticed these fairly big orange red big circles.  There was a total of 6 or 7 of them.  They each went up high in the sky slowly and vanished out of sight at a certain point.  We thought of everything we could and nothing fit.  The whole thing was completely silent other than for me and my dad talking trying to figure out what they could be.

Mission Viejo, CA

November 14,  2012  05:00AM

I was watching television.  And at around 5:00am, I rolled over on the couch to see if the sun was up yet.  I opened the blinds, and it was still very dark, that is when I noticed a stationary red pulsating light over the neighbor's apartment.  I continued to watch the light for about 2-3 minutes it would flash 9 times red then 1 time white.

As I continued to watch the light I noticed another red light seemingly to come from nowhere fly directly underneath the original red light  I continued to watch the lights for about another minute, that is when the second light to arrive shot off to my left over my roof, and out of sight.  I knew at that time that this was not a helicopter.  However I was still not sure of what I was seeing, the original red light was still there so I went outside on my doorstep to see if I would hear anything.  There was no sound.  It was completely still in the sky very bright, and very silent.

I went back inside and continues to watch the flashing light 9 red 1 white.  For some stupid reason I became a little anxious, I thought to myself, what if this thing is watching me watching it  I have heard of UFO sightings being questionable, explainable, and somewhat brief.  I have never been a believer, not have I ever had a interest in UFOs or alien's, until now  I do not know what I saw, but I know what I saw and I do not believe it was anything man made. I watched this UFO for a solid 8 minutes before it literally shot off to my fight in the opposite direction as the second UFO, over the neighbors apartment and out of sight.

I paced back and fourth in my apartment trying to make sense of what I had witnessed trying compare memories of what I have seen prior to in the sky.   Nothing matched.

I am a frequent flyer between here and U.K. I know what planes look like at night time from the ground and in the air I have seen many helicopters in the sky, this was neither of them.  I went onto the Internet and search what I had seen and to my surprise there are many similar sightings thank god, because for a minute there I started to doubt myself, but to deny myself what I has seen would just be a lie.

I know what I witnessed, even if my friends and family so not believe me, I do not care.

I however on the other hand am now a believer, and I truly hope this won't be my last sighting because the unexplainable is truly awesome!!

Southington, CT

November  13,  2012  6:30PM

While driving home on I-84 my wife and I saw 3 orange orbs in the sky.  The orb ascended slowly into the sky over about a 10 minute period and then one by one they disappeared, as if someone shut them off with a switch.  No noise was present with the sighting.

Gurgaon, India

November 13,  2012  11:18PM

It around 23:15pm, when I was just roaming on my roof top to see the fireworks (on the eve of Diwali, Festival celebrated in India), suddenly I saw a fireball like a object approaching towards my side.  I thought it might be an aircraft or any cracker, but it was just in a continuous sluggish motion and when it passed by me overhead.  It was like bluish light around a yellowish glowing fireball.  At that time I was not having a camera or my cell phone with me to take it photograph.  Then I just rushed downstairs to call my mom & dad, to inform them about the whole incident and also took them upstairs with me to catch a glimpse of the unidentified object, but it was our bad luck that it was no longer visible and had escaped in the sky.

New York City (Brooklyn), NY

November 19,  2012  12:35AM

I live in Brooklyn New York.  Right across the East River in Williamsburg, giving me a clean shot of the Lower East Side, Manhattan and the surrounding skyline from the roof top of my apartment building.  To the Northeast I can see the Queens-based La Guardia airport and almost directly South  is JFK.  I sit outside a few times every night to have a cigarette and pay very close attention to the sky and I know what conventional aircraft look like.  I've seen plenty of  military craft as well, aircraft that the normal Joe - Schmoe dose not see every day.  Anything from F16 Fighter Jets, Sikorsky VH-3D Helicopters, Chinook helicopters and once I even saw on Osprey flying over the East River Harbor.  Long story short, I am very use to seeing unconventional craft in the sky as well.

I stepped outside onto my roof for a cigarette around 12:30am, as I normally do and when I looked up, I noticed how bright the stars were.  There are not many nights in New York City when the stars are visible.  There was not a cloud in the sky and I was enjoying being able to see Orion's Belt as I puffed away.  Then it come into my line of vision  A very mysterious craft or UFO that flew directly over my head!  Now I can see planes flying both airports nearby and not once has any commercial flight flow directly overhead of my building.  If this craft was the size of a normal commercial flight, then it was flying at a severely low altitude.  It was very hard to comprehend the size, especially because there was not noise.  If it was a large commercial flight then it was way too low for FAA regulations, especially this close to Ground Zero  (99/11).  The best explanation  from what I directly witnessed, is it was flying at a high altitude and was just immensely huge, possibly the length  of a football field  It was in my line of vision for around 7-10 seconds before it disappeared behind the Williamsburg Bridge.  I ran down the fire escape on the side of y building praying that I would catch a glimpse of it again once it passed the bridge, or at least see some FAA lights.

The best way to describe it is the typical V-Shape that is pretty common  in UFO sightings.  There were 5 lights.  One at the tip, then two down each side, perfectly symmetrical and at a perfect angle.  The lights were very large, circular and the light emitted was diffused, almost as if they were behind a haze.  Remember it was clear enough to see Orion's Belt directly across from Manhattan so it was a crystal clear night.  Other planes that were further away by  miles has sharper looking lights and were more visible.  I was glad that I was looking at the stars or I could have never seen it because of  how muted it was.  The lights that were present were a very soft white-yellowish color and did NOT flash.  The body looked to follow the contours of the lights although it was hard to make out a solid surface.  It was almost like you could see through the craft while just making out the signatures of it edges but I could not see the stars behind it  There was  not sound what so ever.  It seemed to fly at a high speed very effortlessly.

When I had realized what I had seen it took my breath away.  My heart jumped straight up into my throat and I actually had a hard time breathing for a minute and I think I mumbled the "f" word to myself a few times.  I am  100% convinced that what I saw, I was not supposed to have seen.  It was very faint, lasted only for a few seconds, and was unlike anything I've ever seen in the night sky or in my life for that matter.  It is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nontreal East (Canada), QC

November 19,  2012  2:30AM

My 14 month old son woke up thirsty and while his milk was warming, I walked over to my living room window and looked outside.  A bright object caught my eye in the sky.  At first, your brain automatically assumes it is a plane however within seconds I realized that it was not.  The object was star shaped and was very bright and was just hovering in the sky, not moving.  Then the light grew even brighter and bigger, and  the object slowly moved left and right, up and down.  I was starting to be scared at this point as my brain was registering what I was seeing.  For only a second or two, I lowered my head to look at my son and when I looked up, the object was going. vanished.  Even a plane could not disappear that fast.  I have a huge window so the sky view from it covers a lot.  It took me 2 hours to fall asleep afterwards

Las Vegas, NV

November 06,  2012  2:00PM

As I am near Nellis AFB, I delight in watching all the aircraft.  On this day I watched a very loud B-1 bomber head out going North West and out of sight.  I thought it looked peculiar that there were only two very small clouds in the relatively clear low North West skyline.  Do I am looking, and two more small clouds formed from thin air in the same area.

After retrieving my binoculars to try and determine the source, I saw no aircraft but one more puff of cloud emerged similar to how shaving cream would come foaming out of a can. These were not contrails, and if this were exhaust from an aircraft, it would have to be hovering, yet I saw not craft present near them.  Just then two of the Thunder bird jet team enter into the air going roughly in that direction.

I continued to watch the area of the clouds as the jets went out of sight.  Just then I saw brownish green craft that appeared saucer shaped dart across the sky at sonic speed going from the vicinity headed South West.  Within minutes four fighter jets emerged from the AFB, flew around near the area of the clouds, then returned to the base.  The small clump of clouds that appeared from nowhere staying as cloud vapor and did not dissipate as smoke might.  I watched them slowly drift North West within the relatively calm air current for a half hour  I have never seen anything like this cloud birth before, and cannot possible imagine an explanation for it.

Diamond Springs, CA

November 05,  2012  9:30PM

I would describe the objects as orange in color and moving across the sky at a slow to moderate speed keeping the same distance apart from the South East to the North East.

Looking at the objects through my binoculars, I could see a slight shape that was jagged on the top and rough on the bottom kind of a triangle shape.  The objects moved at different speed and then stopped, as they were stopped the one in the trail position started glowing bright and dim about 5 to 6 times and then dropped what looked to me like a small missile but the light from that faded quickly, I saw that happen 3 times and trailing object just faded sway and disappeared.

The other object still in one position started doing the same thing, started glowing bright and dim about 5 to 6  times and then dropped what looked to me like a small missile the light from the object it dropped also fade away quickly and the object also started fading until it disappeared.

I was with my wife and neighbor who also witnessed this event.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Arcadis, FL

November  05,  2012  7:15PM

Flying in a Cessna 182 North of LaBelle VOR, encounter strange light not on Radar.

Upon clearing the MOA and due East of  Arcadia, what appeared to be a LED landing light abruptly popped on just above the cloud layer and immediately caught our attention.  It appeared to be about 500 feet below us, at our 2 o'clock and figured about 5-7 miles, and looked as if it might be in conflict in a few minutes.  The light then started flashing, presumably because he saw us up ahead crossing and wanted to make his position known.  I turned on our landing and taxi light of the 182 to acknowledge, yet this other aircraft kept turning this light on at odd and random intervals until he went dark for about a minute.  Fed up, I asked the Miami controller for a traffic advisory on the aircraft at our 2 o'clock and about 3-4 miles.  He responded that he did not observe any traffic in the are.  A little puzzle, I asked him if he had any primary targets in the area and he told me to standby.

A long 15 seconds passed by and light appeared again!  This time it appeared to now be at our 1 o'clock but the light still pointed at us and then quickly went out again.  The controller came back on and said that he had checked and rechecked his backup systems and assured me that there were NO primary (pure radar return) targets in the area.  Just when he said that, an aircraft behind us a few miles asked where we were, the controller told him, and that pilot reported that he was watching all of this happen as well!  Then a third aircraft also chimed in and said he too was seeing the strange light and it was moving across the sky rapidly.  Three aircraft in all saw this.  The controller as completely bewildered a this point needless to say, upon landing, I called up Miami Center.

I talked on the phone for 20 minutes to the D-Side of the sector I was in, who turned out be  a supervisor and was training the R-Side.  He too was sufficiently  freaked out and confused along with the rest of the guys on "the floor."  He said that in his 27 years, he had odd occurrences like this every few years and they usually turned out be flares in the MOA but never in this location, intermittent, and underneath another aircraft moving laterally.  He thought that it was a UAV (which is of course illegal to operate in the NAS), and that if it was, it could have been much closer to our aircraft then we had thought and it would also explain why it was not on their radar if it was small enough.  I chimed in and figured that it started turning its lights on and off in an effort to avoid us.

This was not a flare or laser.  It changed position laterally and maintained its altitude

Portland, OR

November 05,  2012  6:30PM

I was out on my front porch processing the recycling when this orange object that sort of flickered like a flame caught my attention It was above the tree line to the West of 85nd ave.  I watched this object travel South by South East, then it started to ascend upwards and into the clouds.  I did not want to go back inside to grab my camera because I know this object could disappear at any moment  And this is not the first time I have seen something like this in my neighborhood. 

Boothwyn, PA

November  05,  2012   5:02PM

I was driving home to New Castle, DE from Philadelphia, PA traveling South on I-95.  It was approx. 5:02pm and dusk was approaching.  At first I thought I was seeing an optical illusion, because it looked like there was a tear in the cloud overhead.  Then I thought I was seeing a shooting star or meteor because it most definitely was not a plane, but I realized it was not moving or flickering at all it was constant!  What I saw was to the right about midway up my windshield.  It was bright amber light and stationary. 

 It was a cigar shaped and at a 45 degree angle like this:/ I did a double take, thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me and when I focused my attention on the sky, I noticed that there were multiple lights again all stationary and at a constant brilliance, at varying distances.  In addition to the closest one which was the most noticeable , I realized that there were at least 2 more in the same direction, but further in the distance like toward Brandywine Creek State Park.  The 4th I noticed  to the left in my range of sight, more toward the direction of the Delaware river.

 I could not pull off due to the volume of traffic, but kept my focus on the objects until they fell out of my range of sight.

I could see all 4 objects through the trees until about the split of 495 South.  Once I got onto 495 South, I could only still see one of the objects.  It had gotten very faint like it had travelled a great distance in an instant.  It was as if it had moved from the direction of the Brandywine Creek State Park more toward the direction of Kennett Square, PA but it could also, be a result of the route I was traveling.  I have always believed in extraterrestrial life, however, I am extremely logical, and pragmatic.  I have NEVER in my life experienced anything as distinctly concrete as this sighting that would lead me to filing a report, but I very much want to find validation that I am not the only person that witnessed this event.


Grand Island, NY

November 05,  2012  3:30PM

I am 48 years old and my son is 19.  I was driving North on Baseline Road, when my son pointed up in sky and said he saw an object light up into a white orb and quickly power down.  I looked up and saw a cigar shaped object flying slowly Eastward for about a minute.  I then disappeared.  It was approximately 1000 ft high.  I have no ides what it was?

Splring Creek, NV

November  05,  2012  12:00AM

This was not just a normal sighting we had time to get a telescope and point it South over Lamoille Canyon (South).

All four of us saw a white coin shaped object. Outlining the craft was a bright green light.  From the naked eye it flashed colors.  The telescope revealed runes on whatever it was.

Shortly after we drove.  I looked East towards Wells and saw a huge vapor trail 3 times the width of moon and miles wide.

We pulled over to inspect it.  It was long and would pinch off at points and expand.  We continued down the road and saw a blue streak shoot North across our windshield quickly.  It was huge with blue tracers unlike a  comet meteor or shooting star.

Willowick, OH

November  04,  2012  8:30PM

I was driving down Willowick  Drive after trick or treating and notice 3 orange gloving objects in the sky moving from East to West going slow.  They were good size objects.  One moment you could see them clearly and then they just vanished.  After I turned the corner down another street, I looked up in the sky and they reappeared and for about 5 minutes and slowly moved West and then vanished. 
Very  strange.  I have never seen anything like that before  I could tell they were not planes.

Thomaston, CT

November  04,  2012  6:45PM

In Thomaston, CT in the vicinity of Highwood Farms, I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, and at nighttime when I smoke I like to stargaze, and I noticed a flashing light over the residential area.

It was a strobe flashing light of white, green, red, and blue lights all in random order.  You could see the light shimmering in the sky, so to be sure it was not a star I went and got my rifle scope.  After staring at it through the rifle scope I noticed orange lights gaining altitude on the horizon.  These lights then connected into the stationary light.  It then got very bright for a split second as the lights intersected.  The orange lights then began to rise vertically.

The lights then began to start moving towards my direction.  As it was moving I noticed it was in a linear pattern of  four orange lights with a  white light flashing beneath it.  As it continued to move I then looked at it through my rifle scope and saw the lights then transform into a triangle of 3 orange lights with a white light on the bottom.

It continued on its course and as it passed, it made a strange "voooooom" noise in a deep low octave.

About 3-5 minutes pass...

I returned outside to smoke another cigarette while I called my friend in Georgia, who has seen a lot of UFO activity in his area.  While I called him I saw another light similar to the initial strobe light of multiple colors begin to rise from the horizon and then after a minute or two it disappeared.

I know what I saw multiple UFO anomalies in the sky.  Possible a plane?  I do not believe so, aliens are a very real thing in the vast universe.  Keep your eyes on the stars  you will never know when you see one.

Albuquerque, NM

November 04,  2012  12:00PM

I believe I saw a UFO today a small object, moving slowly at first, picked up speed, and then accelerated to a very high speed.

Okay.  So I was working in the backyard today and stopped to take a break.  This was around noon.  I was looking at the beautiful New Mexico clear blue sky.  Looking directly North up at the sky at about 50 degrees, a white object appeared out of nowhere.  It started off slowly and began moving in a straight line directly East towards the Sandia Mountains.  I could not gauge how big the object was nor how high it was.  It appeared to be pretty high, object was small and appeared white.  It appeared to be pretty high, object was small and appeared white.  As it moved East, it slowly pick up speed and then it went whoosh! it went so fast it was gone in a heartbeat.

Now I consider myself a pretty level headed person.  I am not big on conspiracy theories, contrail chemicals, government cover-ups, or UFOs.  But I know what I saw.  I live in Paradise Hills was looking North when I saw this.

Did anyone else in the Albuquerque area see this?  No I was not drinking nor taking drugs.

Pawling, NY

November,  03  2012  11:45PM

My younger sister and I were sitting on the couch watching television, when I looked out our window facing South West and saw a multicolored object.  It was predominately red and green, although there may have also been brief specs of white and blue.

It seemed to be emitting white beams.  The object was in the distance and moved northeast, it seemed to dance freely with no definite flight path.

At one point my sister said there were 10 similar objects in the sky.  I focused on the main object with binoculars.  The lights had no definite shape and seemed to shift.

I believe it attracted 4 other white objects which made a triangular formation.  This went on for over a half hour