Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Corpus Christi, TX

July 4, 2012  10:30 AM
I was at work, and it was a cloudy morning so when we first noticed it we thought it was a plane hovering low.   It was a black star shaped craft.  It hovered over our harbor bridge for 20 minutes in a slow circular path.  Then it zoomed quickly sideways and upward.  When it did that, we were able to see it was a star shape amost like a sheriff badge.  After 20 minutes it simply vanished into thin air.  It was so huge and frightening.  We attempted to take photoes however they only came out as a little black dot.

Springfield, OH

July 4, 2012  3:00 AM
I was watching fireworks when I saw what seemed to be a bright star in the sky.  The more I watched it I noticed it moving.  From the point I thought it was a satellite until it started moving really sporadically.  I've never heard of any craft that moves like it did.  It moved in many different directions at a high rate of speed and stopped suddenly in it path.  I watched it for about an hour.  I noticed it emitted flashes of orange light periodically.  Very strange to say the least.

La Porte, IN

July 3, 2012  10:55 PM
Sitting outside having a cigarette I noticed a bright orange ball which seemed to be on fire emerge from treetop level.  I then grabbed my digital camera which started acting up to try and capture an image of this object.  I then went to the east side of the apartment to find my neighbor coming outside to tell me that this is his 2nd time seeing an object very similar to this one 2 nights before.  After this object had emerged from the tree/road line, it quickly made a turn to the east and continued on an east, northeast path.  Its speed was quite rapid because in just under 2 minutes, it was out of visual sight.  When the object emerged from the tree line, the object has to be approximately 1 city block away from us.  My neighbor told me that when he had seen this type of object before, there were 2 of them.  Both of the objects were orange and yellow bottoms to them and they were just over treetop level.  At no time did I hear any sound coming from the object even though there were fireworks present.

Lake Leelanau, MI

July 3, 2012  10:45  PM
I am a 47-year-old Navy veteran and private pilot.  On July 3, 2012, at approximately 2245 hours, I was on my boat preparing to watch the firework display on North Lake Leelanau.  I was at  N45 01.210', W085 44.60'.  I was approximately 250 feet from Porter's landing at a depth of 48 feet.  The winds were calm, light and variable.  I observed an oranges-red glow moving from left to right from my position along the 45th parallel, traveling south to north.  The object appeared below the clouds that were present; and it moved silently.  I estimate that it was approximately 5,00 feet AGL.  Nevertheless, it was in  between the ground and the clouds present.  The oranges-red orb was followed by 14 other objects that followed the exact same flight path as the previous one.  This all occurred just prior to the start of the firework show; and I observed two of the objects go black and I would see their outline in the sky.  I could remember thinking that they looked like about the shape of a quarter.  I had no success obtaining accurate weather information from the FSS, NWS, NCDC and others.  I have seen many craft form both ships, land and from aircraft that I myself have piloted.  These looked like nothing that I have seen.  No strobes no lights or noise were present.

Black Canyon, AZ

July 3, 2012  9:50 PM
I am still in shock on our way home from slide Rock State Park last night I saw some sort of space craft near Black Canyon AZ.  It was a large ball of light that came from the right fairly slowly & I thought this is to big, to be a star or a plane, then it's centered & spun really fast in a circle then quicker than you can blink your eye, faster than lightening or anything I ever seen, it shot out of sight!!  All I could say was OMG OMG OMG & it was around 9:50pm.  Then all the way  home my interior car lights kept on flashing on randomly, then slowly turn off about 15 times for the rest of the ride home.

Iron Mountain, MI

July 3, 2012 n 9:40 PM
My wife and I were standing in our backyard around 9:40pm,  Because it is the day before Independence Day.  I was watching the nurmerous fireworks being launched from the surrounding neighborhood as my wife watered the garden around the side of our house.

Suddenly, as I was staring into the northwest sky a bright white light surrounded by a thick red orb appeared in the west.  At first I was struck by its brilliance and believed it to be a new firework that was designed to hang in the air.  I immediately called my wife from around the house so she could see the display as well.  As we watched the glowing orb it began to move laterally across the sky and grow  intensity.  As it moved, my wife and I stood in awe and contemplated the possibilities.  It was moving from west to east as I said:"it can not be a firework it moving laterally, it can not be flair because it has not gained or lost altitude."  Then the object slowly stopped and made a sharp 90* turn heading north.

We both commented on the fact that it made no sound.  At this point I believe my wife was a little freaked out and she refused to watch any more.  I continued watching as the object slowly traveled north until it was obscured  by my low view.  I noticed that during the 2-3 minutes this event lasted almost no fireworks from the nearby area could be seen or heard going off. as if everyone else in the area was also fixated on the same phenomenon. 

Perhaps the most significant parts of this event for me was the object flew to the north.  There is a small airport in the town of Iron Mountain were we live, only a few miles from our house.  The air traffic here goes south or west.  North is Lake Superior and Canada.  If this were a man made aircraft of any sort it is the first I have seen or heard of flying on a northern path like this object did.  I do not know what else to say.  I am a well educated. and stable person living a domestic life in a small town and now I have seen a UFO.

Wanamaker, IN

July 3, 2012  10:00 PM
We live southeast, just outside of Wanamaker, IN.  We saw first one very bright, un flickering, orange fireball/light.  It looked like it might have been a misfired firework, but it continued moving east without losing altitude.  Before this object moved out of sight, another bright orange ball appeared.  This one was different though it headed north, the orange light disappeared and it was just a black object.  It went over several housed and I swear it landed on someones roof or yard.  Then a few minutes later, a third orange light headed east, then disappeared.

There were airplanes in the sky before and after we saw this, and they looked completely different I was thinking maybe the air quality or smog was distorting the lights, but that does  not seem to be the case.  Oh, and there was no noise coming from them, and they all come from the same exact direction in the sky northwest.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Egan, SD

July 3, 2012  1:00 AM
We were celebrating the 4th early with friends.  About 1 am as we were  sitting outside, winding down from the night's festivities and just talking.  I was sitting, facing south west and happened to look up and coming from behind a large tree, I saw a ball of very bright, white, light in the sky at first it was about the size of a half dollar but, within about 2 seconds, it had grown to the size of a golf ball.  I said, "look at that weird light", my husband who was sitting beside me also saw it and watched it get bigger.  The others had their back to it and turned to look.  By this time, it was rapidly getting smaller and  zooming away toward the north.  A friend commented on how fast it was moving.  At least two others saw it as it finally got to about the size of normal stars and we watched it until it was lost from view.  The whole thing took about 45 seconds.

Earlier in the night, around 9:00 pm, we had just started lighting of fireworks and I had seen a similar object not as big, maybe the size of a half dollar do the same thing in the western sky and also going to the north very rapidly.  The night was clear, hot and humid.  No clouds, a slight breeze and a full moon with great visibility.  There was no sound to this object.

Boise, ID

July 2, 2012  11:00 PM
My husband and I were walking in front of our house in the dark.  The first object flew extremely low and was very bright, unlike an aircraft's lighting.  It was glowing as if on fire, a reddish-orange glow and was completely silent.  At first we thought it was a paper light and had a candle inside that caused it to float in the air because of how low it was and the glow coming from it.  We then we realized it was traveling at the speed of a plane or faster and could not understand why it would be silent yet so illuminated.  There was no logical reason for this aircraft to be  undetected without sound yet brighter than any aircraft either of us had ever witnessed.  If  it was military and was made to be silent why would it look like an obvious glowing ball in the sky?  One minute later the same shape, color and silent aircraft passed by, just as low and kept the same course until we could not see either lights in the distance any more.

Sterling, IL

July 2, 2012  10:23 PM
At first we thought it was a helicopter but it was to low and there was no noise , there was another one and another and so on til we counted nine of them UFOs.  We got in the car to get closer to the one we saw as we got a closer look it had a fire red on top and glowing on the bottom .  In a blink of an eye it vanished.  It had extended like wings but round on the bottom.  It was behind the Dillon Home Museum, over the Rock river by the train tracks.  In Sterling Illinois, there were 4 of us that saw them.

Lake Leelanau, MI

July 2, 2012  10:20
I was seated at the stern of our pleasure boat at approximately 10:20PM, on the evening of July 2, 2012  Om a nearby town across the lake, fireworks were scheduled to begin in about 25 minutes.  The sky was partly cloudy; and the full moon was beginning to rise.  There were many watercraft in the lake as well as many spectators watching from their homes or the beach.  My husband became excited and told me to look down the south end of the lake.  I observed a small, reddish orange light floating above the lake.  I would guess that it was about 1000 feet up in the sky, but I do struggle with measuring distances.  I did not have my glasses on at the time.  I watched as another followed the first.  I cocked my ear upwards attempting to hear a motor noise and heard absolutely nothing.  All in all, there were at least 12 of these small objects that I observed.

Lawrenceburg, TN

July 2, 2012  8:00 AM
I was in my parents back yard shooting fireworks.  I looked up in the sky and saw a movement, so I focused my view on the movement and saw a teardrop craft with dull lights around the perimeter.  It was about a 1500 to 2500 ft above me and silent.  It moved from west to east in a straight line.  It lasted for approximately 2-3 seconds then suddenly just disappeared; like a ship from star trek cloaking.  I had the impression that it knew I had seen it so it cloaked to prevent me from seeing it.  It was about the size of 3 golf balls.  That was my first viewing of a UFO.  I was sober and in sound mind and I attest this report to be the full truth.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

High Ridge, MO

July 2, 2012  9:00 PM
My dad and I went outside to study the moons movement for my astronomy merit badge.  We looked at Spica, Saturn and Mars.  When my dad mentioned the moons traverse westward, I see a floating orange and red egg shaped light to my right shoulder.  At first I think it's a helicopter but I still keep my eye on it.

My dad goes back inside but I stay behind to see if I could see the light again and as I am walking back I look back and see two lights; one red going east form the north and one orange and red going south from the north.  Th object looked like it was on fire rotating between re, orange and yellow.  But there were no lights in the center of the object.  So I ran to the door and cal my dad then I turn around and I can not see it because it is behind some trees.

When my dad comes out the object is visible he tells me to run and get the binoculars inside.  I get the binoculars and run outside.  He says " it has not moved" as the object comes to rest eastward between some trees.  It seemed to be floating not moving in any direction.  So I look at the object and it starts to speed up heading east directly away from us. 

My dad asks for the binoculars and says "it is winking out" and disappears.  He mentioned that it seemed to just get smaller like it was traveling straight away from us.  We go inside and tell our family and my mom and dad ask me to find out how to report my sighting.

Oakwood, GA

July 1, 2012  6:00 AM
Early morning of July 1, 2012, making the 6.4 mile normal route to my job I observed three bright white circular lights to the north of my east bound direction I was traveling.  A shower and breakfast thirty minuets earlier, had me wide awake and ready for my workday.  My first thought was that it must be stars still visible in newly lightening dawn sky.

I continued my normal route for another mile and could still see the three bright lights in the distance.  I then pulled into the almost empty  shopping center parking lot and stopped at a point where I could view the lights with no obstructions. 

The viewpoint at this time looked as if the three lights were lining up perfectly in the distance in a vertical line.  It appeared as if they were becon lights on a new super tall cellular tower or something of that nature. Thinking for about thirty more seconds as I continued to observe the lights, that becon lights for towers are red and flash so that was not it.

The bright white lights disappeared all at once.  I observed the skies in that direction for about three or four more minutes and saw nothing else, but the beautiful morning sky.  I have no idea what the objects are, or where they came from.  I can honestly say it was very cool and made my day whatever it was.  I have lived  in the area for my whole life and it was really unusual for the morning skies around here.  I am forty one years  old and am usually up early so it was really an event unlike I have ever observed.

Bath, ON Canada

July 1, 2012  10:54 PM
Orange glowing flickering lights, round moving from left to right across the sky in a straight line some in a crooked S formation and some in a triangle, their were 11 in all, they appeared to come from nowhere out of the left and float across the sky and disappear to the right toward horizon, it was a clear night with no wind.

Dingmans Ferry, PA

July 1, 2012  5:55 PM
It was a very clear night with almost full moon on a quiet lakeside.  I was actually inside when I spotted this strange org/light moving slowly across the sky and I immediately noticed the lack of any blinking, directional or running lights on this craft.  I ran outside to get better look and ruled out satellite as it was actually low in the sky, maybe 1/2 mile up.  It was changing, almost morphing orange/amber/yellow org as best I can describe and the next thing I noticed was it was absolutely quiet, not motor, no sound at all. 

Object was traveling north to south at a slow speed in absolute straight line.  As I listened for any sound and tried to get a grip with what I was seeing, the deep orange burning color turned more yellowish, than disappeared altogether in front of my eyes.  It did not shoot off up / down or other just disappeared.  At that point I heard a jet sound which made no sense and then spotted a small, private size jet with all the "normal" lights a plane would have headed south to north as it approached the Wilkes Barre Airport of the north of our location.

I witnessed this myself, however 5 minutes later my father walked in the door who had been taking home 2 friends and said to us, you will never believe what we just saw, and described the exact thing I had just seen.  I've always been a believer but this was the first for sure sighting that was something not of this earth.  The technology to make that object move like that and almost change shape/color in front of me sensing the oncoming jet and going stealth/dark truly amazing.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark

July 1, 2012  5:03 PM
I was sitting on my balcony when I saw two red lights, by  the bright night sky with only scarce clouds to
lights flying faster than planes, almost side by side toward what I identify being north.  They disappeared, then two other lights passed in the sky.  I tried to take pictures but blurred due to the speed of the moving objects.  The speed was far more quicker than a plane, there was no noise, nothing.

Camuy, Puerto Rico

July 1, 2012 4:30 Am
This morning July 1, 2012 around 4:30AM I was up, went to the kitchen, looked at a real bright star that caught my attention; there I saw this thin straight white line going across in a horizontal position to the northwest.  There was not sound as it passed by, so I kept looking at it until it disappeared from my eye sight.  The skies were clear blue and there were a few clouds, but this straight white line was traveling without stopping or changing the shape of it.

Newport, RI

July 1, 2012 9:18 PM
I saw a red fire ball that I thought was a plane on fire coming down diagonally from the sky.  It landed in the ocean at first beach in Newport.  I was about to call the news but another person at the beach had called the police because they also saw the fire ball hit the water.  After it hit the water it continued to glow for a few minutes and then disappeared.

Manville, NJ

July 1, 2012 10:38 PM
Me and my girl friend and our best friend were sitting on my front porch, I was looking at the moon bugging  my self out then we started playing cards on the front steps,when I see a red orange type glowing thing coming closer I thought it was a plane so I look to were it should of came over the trees and I say were did the plane go, it should have been over use by now then.  I moved over to my right a little to see it just hovering there glowing and pulsing over a house down the street.  I start to freak out and we all get up and walk to the edge of the grass.  It started to slowly move and change color and the craft started to  dim and in a blink of a eye it just shoots off.  We started walking to where we saw it and a guy was standing looking up.  I asked him how long he was standing there and he said long enough to see a red glowing thing in the sky so we talked.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ruston, LA

June 18, 2012 9:30 PM
While leaving my girlfriend's apartment in Ruston, LA, I glanced back as I was unlocking my truck to  see between 50 and 100 flashing lights that appeared to be flying well under the normal altitude of an aircraft.  I immediately ran back inside to get here and here brother to come see what I was looking at, because I could not believe my eyes.  Immediately after they walked outside and looked up, they too were astonished at the site.  The lights were moving in uni some, but sort of changed shapes to make these different amoebic  forms as it went across the night sky in a northwest direction  I am very much a pessimist and non-believer in the extraterrestrial, but after tonight, I have on idea what to think!

Green Valley, AZ

June 18, 2012 12:00 AM
I saw three crafts, spaced well apart in a straight line and at the same altitude cross the sky at high altitude moving west to east.  All 3 appeared as bright white dots that were strobing simultaneously with each other.  A pulses were at about 1 second intervals.  At certain point they formed a triangle in and then appeared to drop lose altitude together, remaining in the triangular configuration until we lost sight of them behind hills and objects at ground level.  No engine noise whatever accompanied this event.

Carr, CO

June 18, 2012 8:30 PM
I was driving north on I-25 and noticed a very bright silver light in the sky to my left.  I watched it thinking it was a plane as we have had a big fire and  lot of air traffic lately.  The aircraft seemed to be hovering in one place just below the clouds and smoke from the fire, and not moving.  I was watching it for a good ten minutes and it would disappear behing nothing, then reappears.
I was at my exit in Carr, and pulled off of the road on the off ramp.  The shape of it it almost looked rectangle but I really could not tell.  It then made a falling move with a tail kind of  like a shooting star and them it split into two and formed balls of light.  One directly above the other.  It was not a plan, and it was not dark so I knew it was not a star.  I took a picture and  you can barely see it, and I also filmed it but you could not see it then either really.  I was just too far away.
The top ball of light eventually disappeared and the bottom seemed to take off going west and got really small as I went west to get closer and a bitter picture but it got really small like it was traveling west so I figured it was gone.
As I was driving back east towards my work I noticed 3 people were looking at the sky where I had been so I slowed down and asked them if they saw it.  They said they see weird stuff in the sky all of the time.  I started driving again and got onto highway 85 and looked back over where I had seen it, and it was there again.  Same shape a few times by size.  I would love to know if anyone else saw this. I not not think it was a plane because there were several more and they did not look like this.  I was trying to debunk what it could be like a bright light was from the angle of the plane and window from the sun, but no way was it a plane.

Indianpolis, IN

June 14, 2012 5:25 AM
My son, a neighbor and I saw a stretched out string of about 15 orange lights flying from south to north over Indianapolis near Camby.  They were silent and when the objects were north of us, we could not see the lights anymore, just a black orb.  It appeared they were flying at a fairly low altitude about the speed of a propeller plane.  There was a helicopter flying in the same direction. lower than the lights.  We also saw these lights Sunday night, May 20, 2012.

Salt Lake City, UT

June 10, 2012 9:40 PM
My daughter and I witnessed four deep orange fireballs above the eastern side of the Wasatch front mountain range, just east of Salt Lake City.  The event lasted about 10 minutes.  We spotted them from our balcony, and they seemed to resemble aircraft flairs because they appeared at a height that is typical to aircraft and drifted downwards.
After observing them drift downwards for a few minuted, two then faded out of sight.  The other two began to float upwards and hovered for about two minutes, then down again behind the mountains.
Within about one minute, one drifted up from behing the mountains, then hovered, and faded out of sight.

Anderson, IN

June 9, 2012 10:03 PM
There were 8 red lights brighter than plane lights, hovered high above our house for about 3 minutes.  Then 5 disappeared where they were floating, and then three suddenly shot off so far into the distance that they were almost on the horizon, 10 seconds after the 5 disappeared.  About 5 seconds after the move, one of them faded with duration of about 3 seconds.  Then the remaining two joined together into one light and faded with duration of approximately 15 seconds.

Pierrefonds (Canada), QC

June 10, 2012 5:53 PM
Slowly passed over our home, slightly above the trees, no sounds, only orange colored light at each tip of the triangle shape, black middle, after a few seconds it shot up and disappeared.
Weired and surreal experience.

Jackson Hole, WY

June 6, 2012 7:25 PM
My daughter and I left my parent's house, located five miles south of Jackson Hole, WY. We pulled off the road as we immediately noticed a fireball in the area of Tenton Village, WY, it was moving straight up into the sky at a fair rate of speed.  At first, we thought it was something moving up the mountain but I realized it had traveled past the mountain, high into the night sky.  It was not a completely dark night at the time.  The fireball made a 90 degree turn and headed east.  Suddenly, the light went out and we watched the object free fall.  The object was much bigger than an airplane and it was falling freely, sort of wobbling about.  There were a few clouds in the sky and we watched it pass a couple of clouds until it got to a very dark cloud and we lost sight of it. 
We headed on our way home, when suddenly, a fireball was coming towards us!  It was large and not very high in the sky.  In fact, it was not higher than the mountain we were driving nest to.  There were several other vehicles on the road that had to be witnessing what we were.  At it passed over us, I could clearly see a fireball with a short trail of the fire behind it, lighting up the rear end of the object it was coming from.  The object was round; saucer shaped.  My daughter, being the passenger in the car and able to look longer than I; she saw several pink lights surrounding the fireball.  Ten to twenty pink lights surrounded the fireball object.
We pulled off the highway and phoned my parents as we continued to watch.  By the time the fireball had gotten in the vicinity of their home the fireball was high in the sky and again, the fireball went out.  We could not follow it any longer.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Janesville, CA

June 5, 2012 6:20 PM
Their was only one craft hovering over the Thompson Peak area of northern Sierra Nevada Mt. range, it was in a large open area of clouds with clear blue sky's around and above it.  Their were no visible markings, and it was hovering in one spot for approx. 5 to 6 minutes after I noticed it.  It was metallic color, no  lites visible.  It went from a dead stop to a very high speed north across the sky into a heavy cloud bank.  I looked up and saw the object after seeing some cars pulled off of HY 395 north, people were out side of their cars looking up in the direction of the craft, that was when I looked out my side window and started watching it.  I do not know if any of the people parked reported it or not, but they were looking and pointing in the direction of the object.

Milford, CT

June 6, 2012  9:15 PM
I was riding in the car as a passenger with my husband as we were on our way home from babysitting our grandchildren on Wednesday night.  We were heading west and we spotted an unusual object in the sky as it came in over the water just south of Sikorsky Airport.
It was heading from the southwest to the northeast.  It looked like it came over Milford starting at the Point Lookout area on Long Island Sound and was not travelling at any great speed.  It seemed to maintain level flight as it transited the area.
My husband pulled the car over on New Haven Avenue near the intersection of Buckingham Avenue, and we both got out to watch the object as it cruised directly above us and we were joined by another passerby who saw the object and pulled over, but we did not get his name.
The object glowed orange and yellow, was round in shape and the light it cast was not a type of light I've ever seen before; it was not bright like a landing light, but subdued and sort of pulsed yellow and orange.  There was not sound coming from it and there was no tail like you would see with a meteor or shooting star.  It was pretty low too, when it finally disappeared into the clouds, they were scattered but looked between 2000 and 3000 feet.  It's hard to estimate size, especially at night, but I can only compare it to the of a full moon compared to the stars, but I am sure that was because it was not at any great altitude.  The siting lasted about 5 minutes until the object disappeared into a cloud.
I was a Cessna Dealer back in the 1980's and worked at Sikorsky Airport where my husband was an air traffic controller.  Though I am not a licensed pilot, my husband, a retired air traffic controller is, and have flown often.  I am familiar with what aircraft look like and sound like and this was not not traditional craft.

Sherman Oaks, CA

June 5, 2012 5:00 PM
I saw a UFO flying about 15 floors off the ground, might have been lower seemed impossible for a plane to fly that low in such a direct, silent and steady fashion.  It came from the west flying east in a steady fashion.   and  from the west flying east in a steady silent way, running parallel to Ventura blvd.  It had 4-8 red lights sporadically flashing in a vertical pattern, I couldn't tell if they were on the bottom or the side.  It was SILENT.  I tried to keep up with it on Moore park but it was too fast and continued until it disappeared from my view.  It was very strange and exciting.  I couldn't really make out the shape of it other than it was so dark it blended in with the sky.

Westminster, CO

June 7, 2012 13:30 Am
We were outside looking at the thunderstorm over the Denver Metropolitan area, looking west and north west and I saw a long shaped object with extremely fast flashing lights. 
At first I thought perhaps it was a plane, but immediately realized that it was moving incredibly fast and the lights were fluttering or flashing at a extreme rate.
As I looked up above the treeline, the object moved west northwest, I would say 100xfaster than an airplane, which caught my attention so I told my partner to look very quickly, she saw it as well and I lost sight of it, and she continued to see it as it immediately and sharply turned due west.  I then caught it again in my sight as it again turned sharply and immediately southwest.
My partner stated she saw an airplane below the UFO traveling at a much slower rate in the sky just below the object.

Alva, OK

June 6, 2012 8:00 PM
I was working on a drilling rig 3 miles north of Alva, OK.  The moter hand and I were asked to move our trucks to allow a tank truck to enter the location.  We parked close to one another and got out about the same time, we both saw a big bright blue ball of light just in the clouds.  There were only a few stairs visible because of the clouds that night.  It was as big as the moon and traveled faster then any jet or plane that I've ever seen and then just disappeared.

Dixon, IL

June 5, 2012 1:54 PM
The object came from the east sky; moving horizontal making no noise; we estimated it to be around 10 miles up, looked rectangular in shape with both ends having a round hatch like opening, it was like you could see right through the object, translucent and it was 3 dimensional, you cold see it had a front and bottom and 4 sides.  The front of it looked like fire shooting out of it, and running down the sides of it.  Th entire object was glowing a yellow/reddish hue, very bright.  At first we thought it was an air balloon on fire but it kept a straight course, slowed down and seemed to then speed up and take off to the west.  Almost as if it was looking at use, there were four of us outside, and one seeing it first and pointing it out to the others.

Cleveland, TN

June 5, 2012 11:40 PM
At around 11:40pm I wandered outside to smoke a cigarette with my father and happened to notice what appeared to be an out of place star in the northern sky.  We've been doing quite a bit of telescope sky watching lately and generally know the night sky quite well so we were intrigued. We continued to observe it and noticed that it was moving west to east in a strangely rhythmic manner.  It slowed down and sped up, repeating this every 2-3 seconds until it was finally out of sight around 5 minutes later.

Alameda, CA

June 4, 2012 9:58 AM
I was down fernside on my way home and as I was passing the local middle school I noticed there were lots of planes at different levels, with different colored lights pulsing all at different rates but I decided to keep paying attention because of how many there were!  There had to be more than 10 in the sky around the same area that night, which doesn't seem very safe.
It was not until I was crossing the bay farm bridge that I saw a triangular shaped aircraft swaying downward left and right like a leaf that I thought something is seriously not right.  I look around again and notice all the air crafts I saw were either gone or much much farther except for three above what I know as trash mountain.  They were far enough to only be perceived as lights but close enough to see them change colors from blue, red, purple and oranges white.  They were all moving delicately and began to form a PERFECT triangle.  Then it began to move counterclockwise still keeping the perfect formation and still changing colors.  These color changes weren't flashy or quick.  They were slow and almost faded into one another.  After the lights stopped turning they branched off one by one to form a perfect line with perfect spacing in between.  By that point I had to turn right and it was on the left side of the bridge so I could no longer see it.
I have seen small bright stars in the night sky that have the same color fading effect the I have not noticed before this year.  I usually see them in three's as well, either creating a elongated line or decently distantanced triangle, but still very exact form, from what I can make of it.

Aliquippa, PA

June 3, 2012 8:37 PM
While sitting in the grocery parking lot in my ambulance my partner and I were discussing another ambulance crew's call in which they had two helicopters fly two critical patients from a nearby town.
Looking to the sky to try and see the helicopters my partner sighted an extremely fast moving (faster than any helicopter or jet I have ever seen) flying west to east at incredible speed and completely silent.  The object has several lights, some whit, blue and other were red.  The  shape was unidentifiable.  All we would see was several blinking lights, blinking from front to rear.
Soon after the object disappeared from sight a airliner flew over head, our location is close to Pittsburgh Int Airport , the airliner was loud and slow moving and following the flight plan that we most regularly see.
The other object was fling at a speed we've both never seen, was completely silent and flew a path we have never seen airliners follow.  Soon after the sighting I tried to google the characteristics of this object for similar sights and both my phone and my work parter's phones froze.  Also the emergency radio traffic has been garbled or covered by static all night throughout the entire county.

South Riding, VA

June 2, 2012 1:55 PM
Sitting at a traffic light and saw triangle shaped object moving northeast at a slow rate of speed.  I had my window down and none of us heard any noise from the moving object.  While object was moving for about 40 sec. a second light appeared.  The second object one only had one light.  It appeared to be following the triangle object.  Both  fading away in the distance after about 4 minutes or so.

Salisbury, NC

June 6, 2012 10:00 PM
My son and his friend and I were coming home after an Intemidators minor league baseball game around 10 pm on Saturday June 2nd.  I saw what I thought was a new tower with several lights.  However, the tower seemed to have lights to spread at the sop on both sides which made me curious.  I told the boys to look at it and they were amazed.  It appeared that the lights began to move.  They were a red color and circular in shape.  They seemed to start spreading out in different directions and it was very weird.
We arrived home and I went in to get my husband to come see.  There was only 1 or 2 left in the sky at that time, but he did see one. My son and his friend said the others had moved to one spot in the sky behind a cloud and disappeared. 
As we watched the last one move toward the same area as the other, it seemed to flicker.  It then reached the same area and disappeared in a cloud and did not come out on the other side.  We of course wondered about airplanes but there would not be that many planes that close together or moving in different directions.  We also thought maybe helicopters, but do not think again that there would be that many so close together.  There was also not sound at all.

Elk Grove, CA

June 2, 2012 9:46 PM
While I was watching TV, I saw a bright red-orange ball of light through my living room window.  There was absolutely no noise.  I thought it was a reflection from my TV onto the window at first.  I then realized that it was in the sky.  This orb seemed to be levitating.  It proceeded from south or south-east to north- east.  I ran back inside after watching it a moment to grab binoculars.  On closer look,  it had traveled a considerable distance in just a short time, I was able to see green flashing lights.

Beacon Rock State Park, WA

June 7, 2012 9:57 PM
We were camping at Beacon Rock State Park in Washington Columbia Gorge when we saw a fireball appearing spheres moving across the sky at about the level that a small plane would fly. 
Initially there were five of the fireballs in a formation.  I believe there were a row of three and then a row of two.  After that there were about a dozen more orange spheres in single files spaced far apart moving west to east.  We kept thinking that the display was over and then another fireball would pop into view from the western sky.  They were quite bright and moving faster than a small plane would.  They were gaining elevation at a low angle.  They would eventually disappear.  It is unclear whether they entered the cloud bank and were just no longer visible or perhaps burned out.

Willow Springs, IL

June 2, 2012  3:00 AM
It was almost 3:00 in the morning when I saw it.  I live in a wooded area and a fly zone.  But this was different.  The object didn't move at all.  It stayed in the same place.  The airplanes move across the sky.  There were many bright little circles of white lights in the shape of a circle.  It wasn't a solid circle of light.  They would flash very brightly.  Sometimes they would change color.  Then at 3:00 AM they just disappeared.