Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mount Pleasant, SC

November  03,  2012  8:00PM

My neighbor's reported seeing about 20 round orange lights in a single file formation, moving slowly and noiselessly in a synchronized, due North direction across the night sky above Sullivan's Island, SC from the vantage point of the Intra-coastal Waterway causeway road connecting Sullivan's Island and Mount Pleasant, SC.

My neighbors were traveling on this road as were many other people, most of whom stopped along the side of this causeway as they did, to stare and wonder.  When asked about the height of these lights, they explained they could appear to be a slow moving formation of helicopter's, but helicopter's around here and at that height make a loud sound, and that many of them would definitely have been heard.  But from these, no sound emanated or was heard.

Also, they explained that these lights diminished in intensity, or in number, from sight as a few at a time and eventually all of them, faded out of sight, like wicker oil lamp's being turned down then off.

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  1. Unbelievable, I just purchased some Mount Pleasant real estate in South Carolina. Now, I am not a believer in UFOs, but the small fact that this occurs every now and then makes me think differently. I find this very interesting, any update?