Thursday, December 13, 2012

Milton (Canada), ON

November  03,  2012  9:41PM

Traveling North-West on Appleby Line, towards downtown Milton.  Off to the right (East) was something in the sky.  It was dark out.  The object was about 5 kilometre's away and perhaps a thousand to fifteen hundred feet up (perhaps at 20 degrees rise from the horizon).   There were three bright white lights, each on for about a third of a second.  They took turns turning on in rapid succession.  The object had one pale white light on the whole time, about centered.

Other airplanes were flying in the area, at least three were preparing to land at Toronto Pearson Airport, 30 km to the East (they had their headlights on in the clouds as they approached overhead).  This was NOT an airplane.  It seemed not to travel in any direction.  Two of us saw this.  Two of us saw this, then it just vanished.

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