Monday, December 3, 2012

Marina Del Rey, CA

November  02,  2012  11:58PM

My husband and I had just laid down to go to bed.  We have a clear view of flight path for LAX. Looked out our window and saw two glowing orbs that we thought were helicopters that were approaching, possible looking for someone in the peninsula area, which is not atypical.  They were not moving very fast, they had an odd slowing red light unlike airplane or helicopter the orbs were slowly pulsating rather than blinking and the side of LAX, but an airplane had just taken off and clearly passed behind one of the orbs.

A third orb appeared and was in line of the other two.  The first orb turned towards the sea, and a fourth appeared in line behind the third.  I thought it was weird that they were so close and yet there was no sound like you would expect to hear from a helicopter, so I jumped up to observe them.

The first one, which had turned, was no longer red (perhaps the red was only in front) and proceeded out towards the sea in a straight line until the light simply disappeared into a pinhole size.  It was not like a shooting star, it simply faded like it disappeared in depth.  The fourth orb appeared to be about over the water channel and a light suddenly appeared to illuminate a large area (perhaps over the water) to the East of the orb.  But there was no light trail emitting from the orb, there was no visible spotlight on the red orb, and the illumination was pinkish purple.  I watched these orbs turn out to the sea, and one by one they slowly shrank into pinhole size lights before they disappeared.  The orbs never appeared to bank and did not follow any common flight patter.  I thought perhaps they were small planes, yet a small plane pasted a few minutes later you could hear the small plane and it did not appear to shrink as the orbs did about ten minutes before.  Last nigh was extremely clear, and all the airplanes int area were flying in  typical patterns, they banked out over long beach as typical and never appeared to shrink and disappear as the orbs had.
This was an unexplainable phenomenon.  I have grown up flying in small planes, including at night time, and these orbs were nothing like airplanes.  They flew low like helicopters but had no sound.  The light they emitted was so bright you could not actually see their shape.  The light that the fourth orb emitted over such a large area should presumable come from a visible spot from the craft there was not spotlight.  These orbs disappeared more quickly and in such an odd fashion that it liked  an optical illusion. 

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