Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lake Odessa, MI

November  03,  2012  7:00PM

At 7PM my husband was driving through town when he noticed a big flame shaped object coming from the North West (Grand Rapids area) and it turned more Southerly over town.  As he crossed Main St. he saw a woman standing beside her car looking at the object and he called and told me to go outside and see it.

The object was almost overhead when I went out and it looked like a ring of red pulsing light or red flame with a  yellow center.  When it was off to my south over Jordan like it suddenly turned dim and shrunk, disappeared then briefly lit up dimly and was gone.  It may have gone into clouds.

As I was preparing to go back inside I saw another one coming from the North. At this time I called my daughter across town and she and her husband went outside.  My husband was home now and he called my mother outside.  The second object looked the same as the first did going over but just a little past overhead the bright lights went out and we could see a grey glowing circle with one small red light at the edge.  The light circled the edge several times then stopped in one place.  The object continued to the South West getting dimmer until it was gone.

They were too fast and too steady for a balloon and they mad no noise at all.  From my daughter's house they saw the second object to their West side and it looked like a ball of red flames with a yellow center going horizontally and they lost it behind trees and buildings. My mother saw the second object as a red light but could not make out the grey circle.  She said she saw a red ball the size of an orange later that night 9 we went to bed around 10 PM and it was after that) out her east facing bedroom window and ran to turn the lights off for a better view but it was gone when she got back to the window.

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