Monday, December 3, 2012

Denton, TX

November  03,  2012  3:00PM

I saw UFOs in the sky, which are much higher than a airline in terms of altitude.  The shape of UFO is the combination of two hemispheres up and down with a dish between them.  The radius of the dish is twice of that of hemisphere.  I guess that it is the typical UFO shape.  Its color is bright silver.  It seems that they play around there.  They flew up and down so easily and in a curved path.  In addition to that, the smooth and sharp curves are observed in the path of the UFO.  They disappear and appear in the sky.  The speed of the UFO is amazing.  Since I saw the flight in the sky, I can compare between the UFO and airline.  I can tell that the UFO can fly at least several times faster than the airline.  I think there are at leat more than 10 UFOs.  The maximum number of UFOs in my camera at the same time was 7.  Since there was no clouds in the sky and they were in the high altitude, it was not easy for people to observe it.

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