Thursday, December 13, 2012

Milton (Canada), ON

November  03,  2012  9:41PM

Traveling North-West on Appleby Line, towards downtown Milton.  Off to the right (East) was something in the sky.  It was dark out.  The object was about 5 kilometre's away and perhaps a thousand to fifteen hundred feet up (perhaps at 20 degrees rise from the horizon).   There were three bright white lights, each on for about a third of a second.  They took turns turning on in rapid succession.  The object had one pale white light on the whole time, about centered.

Other airplanes were flying in the area, at least three were preparing to land at Toronto Pearson Airport, 30 km to the East (they had their headlights on in the clouds as they approached overhead).  This was NOT an airplane.  It seemed not to travel in any direction.  Two of us saw this.  Two of us saw this, then it just vanished.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mount Pleasant, SC

November  03,  2012  8:00PM

My neighbor's reported seeing about 20 round orange lights in a single file formation, moving slowly and noiselessly in a synchronized, due North direction across the night sky above Sullivan's Island, SC from the vantage point of the Intra-coastal Waterway causeway road connecting Sullivan's Island and Mount Pleasant, SC.

My neighbors were traveling on this road as were many other people, most of whom stopped along the side of this causeway as they did, to stare and wonder.  When asked about the height of these lights, they explained they could appear to be a slow moving formation of helicopter's, but helicopter's around here and at that height make a loud sound, and that many of them would definitely have been heard.  But from these, no sound emanated or was heard.

Also, they explained that these lights diminished in intensity, or in number, from sight as a few at a time and eventually all of them, faded out of sight, like wicker oil lamp's being turned down then off.

Elk Grove, CA

November 03,  2012  7:00PM

I was leaving a store around 8pm and looked up for the moon.  I noticed orange/yellow pulsating lights ascending from the North/East part of the sky.  First I thought they were the street lights but there were too many of them and they were forming patterns, there were about 12 orange/yellow orbs.  They were orange in the the middle and yellow around them.  They looked like pulsating balls of energy.  I watched them for five minutes across the street before calling my wife.  I told here to go outside and look East but her view from our home was obstructed and too far away.  They formed into two circle patterns and then broke away from each other and then reformed into two circles again.  I watched them for another 5 minutes and came home.  I grabbed the video camera and went back to the store, all but two had left.  I tried to record them but they would not show up on the camera.  And then a few minutes later they both extinguished.  Also when I arrived back for the second time there was an ambulance and firetruck in the parking lot where I had seen them and the paramedics had loaded someone into the ambulance.  The orbs had been right over where the ambulance and firetruck were and I am not sure if that was just a coincidence.  My feeling of the objects was just amazement and awe.

Lake Odessa, MI

November  03,  2012  7:00PM

At 7PM my husband was driving through town when he noticed a big flame shaped object coming from the North West (Grand Rapids area) and it turned more Southerly over town.  As he crossed Main St. he saw a woman standing beside her car looking at the object and he called and told me to go outside and see it.

The object was almost overhead when I went out and it looked like a ring of red pulsing light or red flame with a  yellow center.  When it was off to my south over Jordan like it suddenly turned dim and shrunk, disappeared then briefly lit up dimly and was gone.  It may have gone into clouds.

As I was preparing to go back inside I saw another one coming from the North. At this time I called my daughter across town and she and her husband went outside.  My husband was home now and he called my mother outside.  The second object looked the same as the first did going over but just a little past overhead the bright lights went out and we could see a grey glowing circle with one small red light at the edge.  The light circled the edge several times then stopped in one place.  The object continued to the South West getting dimmer until it was gone.

They were too fast and too steady for a balloon and they mad no noise at all.  From my daughter's house they saw the second object to their West side and it looked like a ball of red flames with a yellow center going horizontally and they lost it behind trees and buildings. My mother saw the second object as a red light but could not make out the grey circle.  She said she saw a red ball the size of an orange later that night 9 we went to bed around 10 PM and it was after that) out her east facing bedroom window and ran to turn the lights off for a better view but it was gone when she got back to the window.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Denton, TX

November  03,  2012  3:00PM

I saw UFOs in the sky, which are much higher than a airline in terms of altitude.  The shape of UFO is the combination of two hemispheres up and down with a dish between them.  The radius of the dish is twice of that of hemisphere.  I guess that it is the typical UFO shape.  Its color is bright silver.  It seems that they play around there.  They flew up and down so easily and in a curved path.  In addition to that, the smooth and sharp curves are observed in the path of the UFO.  They disappear and appear in the sky.  The speed of the UFO is amazing.  Since I saw the flight in the sky, I can compare between the UFO and airline.  I can tell that the UFO can fly at least several times faster than the airline.  I think there are at leat more than 10 UFOs.  The maximum number of UFOs in my camera at the same time was 7.  Since there was no clouds in the sky and they were in the high altitude, it was not easy for people to observe it.

Albuqueque, NM

November  03,  2012  12:00AM

While driving on the freeway just entering Albuquerque I saw a light to the left side on my dashboard window.

At first I thought it was a shooting star until it got closer.  I looked closer as it flew across my windshield at a constant speed.  Not very fast, and not like any aircraft I have ever seen.  It almost seemed to be hoovering yet wobbling.  It was slowing with a green orb lie light and for it being so close it did not make a sound.

Marina Del Rey, CA

November  02,  2012  11:58PM

My husband and I had just laid down to go to bed.  We have a clear view of flight path for LAX. Looked out our window and saw two glowing orbs that we thought were helicopters that were approaching, possible looking for someone in the peninsula area, which is not atypical.  They were not moving very fast, they had an odd slowing red light unlike airplane or helicopter the orbs were slowly pulsating rather than blinking and the side of LAX, but an airplane had just taken off and clearly passed behind one of the orbs.

A third orb appeared and was in line of the other two.  The first orb turned towards the sea, and a fourth appeared in line behind the third.  I thought it was weird that they were so close and yet there was no sound like you would expect to hear from a helicopter, so I jumped up to observe them.

The first one, which had turned, was no longer red (perhaps the red was only in front) and proceeded out towards the sea in a straight line until the light simply disappeared into a pinhole size.  It was not like a shooting star, it simply faded like it disappeared in depth.  The fourth orb appeared to be about over the water channel and a light suddenly appeared to illuminate a large area (perhaps over the water) to the East of the orb.  But there was no light trail emitting from the orb, there was no visible spotlight on the red orb, and the illumination was pinkish purple.  I watched these orbs turn out to the sea, and one by one they slowly shrank into pinhole size lights before they disappeared.  The orbs never appeared to bank and did not follow any common flight patter.  I thought perhaps they were small planes, yet a small plane pasted a few minutes later you could hear the small plane and it did not appear to shrink as the orbs did about ten minutes before.  Last nigh was extremely clear, and all the airplanes int area were flying in  typical patterns, they banked out over long beach as typical and never appeared to shrink and disappear as the orbs had.
This was an unexplainable phenomenon.  I have grown up flying in small planes, including at night time, and these orbs were nothing like airplanes.  They flew low like helicopters but had no sound.  The light they emitted was so bright you could not actually see their shape.  The light that the fourth orb emitted over such a large area should presumable come from a visible spot from the craft there was not spotlight.  These orbs disappeared more quickly and in such an odd fashion that it liked  an optical illusion. 

North Liberty, IA

November  02,  2012  11:00PM

Three of us saw four bright white lights this evening.  They began from a central point, then moved in arcs and circles across the horizon.  The density of the lights changed from bright white to paler white, then changed from white to light green.  The speed at which they moved varied from super fast t slow as well. 

The light silhouetted the surrounding clouds, so that it was easily apparent that they were wither in or above the cloud cover.

After about half an hour, a large red/blue orb appeared in the midst of the lights.  The light were absorbed into the large red orb, which then streaked across the sky.