Friday, November 30, 2012

Plymouth, WI

November  02,  2012  9:15PM

Traveling East on Hwy 67 (Southwest of Plymouth) to pick up a vehicle for repair at about 9:15pm, turned right on Oak road, and passed a man walking his dog, then right on Sumac road.  While traveling West on Sumac I noticed a light low in the sky that seemed out of context because of the color, I wondered if it was a yard light.

As I approached, I noticed that it was not a yard light and it was close to being directly above a nearby residence.  I slowed down and noticed the orange color, to me it looked like a campfire in the sky.  I sped to my destination which was about a half block away, when I arrived a male family member was walking out of the house, at that point we both noticed the light moving from East to West and he said "what is that".

We spent the next two minutes trying to figure out what it was as it moved West and then seemed to turn South and rise into the sky while slowly disappearing.

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