Monday, November 26, 2012

Duluth, GA

September 05,  2012  9:00

I was out with the dogs on the sidewalk in front of our house.  I observed what appeared to be four - five lights in the South West sky.  The lights were a very bright yellow and appeared to have the shape of planes or were "bird-like" in shape.  They moved around in a zig zag and spiraling  motion, up and down, and then disappeared. As quickly as those lights disappeared, another three - four lights appeared, moving in the same zig-zag spiraling up and down motion, then disappearing.  Suddenly, there were about three more lights, repeating the same motion and movement.  The objects made no sound.

I quickly attempted to get another family member outside, but could only locate one person.  The family member saw nothing, but while he was standing there, another light flashed across the sky, but was much further away. Family member did not see the one light, nor any of the other lights.  Family member suggested a meteor shower, but the objects were shaped like planes (or birds), were bright yellow, did not flash across the sky, and they were all the same shape and size. 

I do not believe in UFOs, and before now, would have never thought of reporting to a site like this one.  I have seen meteor shower's before, and have never witnessed anything like this.

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