Monday, November 5, 2012

Clinton Township, MI

September 03,  2012  9:30PM

My wife and I were sitting on our porch around 9:30pm, on 9/3/12.  We live near Selfridge Air National Guard Base and as I was looking up in that direction I noticed a constant bright red light.  I am in the military and am very familiar with military aircraft.  As I watched the light, I noticed it moving in my direction (Northwest) and slowly turned back East.  The closer the craft came to me, the duller the light became until it completely disappeared.

At this point I could make out the4 shape of the craft.  As the craft was almost over top of my wife and myself I could make out a disc shaped craft.  I watched this craft move across the sky for roughly a minute and a half until it disappeared.  While watching this first craft I noticed a commercial jet flying East but the plane was far above the craft.

After the craft was gone I kept looking up towards the direction the craft came from and noticed a second bright red light.  I watched this craft slowly head in the same path as the first one doing everthing the same, down to the dulling red light which disappeared at roughly the same point as the first craft.  At this point my wife said something and I looked at her and looked back up to where the light was and it was gone.  Neither craft made any noise.

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