Friday, November 30, 2012

Centerville, ID

November 02,  2012  10:00PM

Figured I might as well share my experience with you, even though I have no visual evidence to support it.  I am white, 55 year old and retired from the Navy a little over a year ago after 22 years of service.  My Top Security Clearance is still active, though I am currently fully retired and not working.

I recently went on an Elk hunting trip with my brother who is 53, in the Boise National Forest.  On the night of November 2nd, we were camped a couple of miles outside of Centerville, Idaho in heavy timber country.  We were sitting around the campfire marveling at how clear and beautiful the stars in the sky were when you are out in the middle of nowhere with no city lights near you to hamper the view of the sky.

I had gotten up to go and get something in the camper on the back of the pickup and was looking at the sky as I walked to the camper.  When I got to the rear of the pickup, on particularly bright star suddenly caught my eye.  I can remember being confused when I first saw it and thing, "what the heck is that"?  The light coming off the thing looked just about the same color as the light coming off all the stars, except that it was substantially brighter then any other star in the sky, including the North Star, and about every 2 seconds it would pulsate to a very bright dark red color.  At first that made me think it must be an airplane, but there was no green light at all and the movements  made were impossible for any normal aircraft.  Also, the brightness of the lights seemed to shimmer because of its movements.

I stood there watching this thing for a couple of minutes and then yelled for my brother (who is a small plane pilot) to come look at this thing.  He came walking over, watched it for a few seconds and said, "What the Hell".  We watched this thing for a good 15 minutes make movements no normal plane of any kind could possibly make and at speeds that are equally impossible.

I have not idea how far away the thing was from us.  If I had to guess, I would say it could be anywhere from 60 to as much as 120 miles maybe.  There was no sound associated with it and it had 3 definite patterns to its movements which I would describe in the following way.  Picture the little + in the very center of a rifle scope.  This thing seemed to have the very center of that + as the center point around which all of its movements took place.  The first was straight up and down and straight side to side movements along the axis of the cross.l  The second was a circular movements in both diagonal directions through the center of the +, but when it made this movement it was 3-5 times longer than its straight up and down or side to side movements.  At the distances that thing was from us, those diagonal movements in particular had to represent a distance of miles and it would do it in a couple of seconds.

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