Monday, November 26, 2012

Bridgeport, CA

September 06,  2012  8:00AM

For 2 consecutive mornings in the Eastern sky we spotted what we believed to be a star in broad daylights.  As the clouds passed, we could determine that the object was below the clouds altitude.  I assumed that it was some kind of weather balloon or man-made object just floating up there, but it never moved from the position that we originally spotted it.  The next morning we saw the exact same thing happen.

Our vantage point was from the Mono Village campground, looking directly down the lake at about 15-20 degrees above the horizon.  Since we were on vacation, we did not stare at it until it disappeared, but we could not see it after about 10:00in the morning.  We looked at it several times for a couple of hours each day and using a tree limb as a vantage point, it never changed position on either day.  We attempted to take photographs, but they did not show up.

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