Monday, November 26, 2012

Austin, TX

September 09,  2012  9:45PM

I was traveling West on the 2222 and had just crossed over the 360 when I spotted the aircraft.

The aircraft was at first was in the distance. flying very close to the hills, and I noticed it was an abnormal size and had strange lights for an airplane, it was also moving extremely slow.  As I continued on the 2222 the aircraft flew closer to the 2222 and I realized it was flying extremely low and the slow speed became more apparent.  It passed over my car and I observed it was a solid triangular shape with brilliant green and red lights along the outside of the triangle shape.  It was a solid triangle, with no visible wings.

My background is that I am a 38 year old professinal Caucasian femal who never believed I would be filling this kind of thing.

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