Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anthem, AZ

November  02,  2012  1:00AM

Faint lights observed 24/7 for the last 9 months.  They are numerous, move in diverse directions that do not follow aircraft trajectories.

Observed daytime, nighttime, and even during rainstorms.  They seem to have "home tracts," appear in the same positions, and move in a way that defy's conventional aircraft.  An innocent comment I made after an eye exam, when I mentioned I needed my peripheral vision to see my "zoomie," a staff person commented, "They move, don't they?"  "You see them, too?"  I asked.  "Affirmative." Several neighbors have also seen them.

I am a retired aerospace anomalies, Venus, or Vandenburg launch trails.  These lights are the only things I can not explain.


  1. yes i seen a big light in the sky on dec 19
    and it was really big i don't know if it was a ufo or a rock from space coming to earth

  2. Do you just see them in your town or all over Arizona?