Friday, November 30, 2012

Centerville, ID

November 02,  2012  10:00PM

Figured I might as well share my experience with you, even though I have no visual evidence to support it.  I am white, 55 year old and retired from the Navy a little over a year ago after 22 years of service.  My Top Security Clearance is still active, though I am currently fully retired and not working.

I recently went on an Elk hunting trip with my brother who is 53, in the Boise National Forest.  On the night of November 2nd, we were camped a couple of miles outside of Centerville, Idaho in heavy timber country.  We were sitting around the campfire marveling at how clear and beautiful the stars in the sky were when you are out in the middle of nowhere with no city lights near you to hamper the view of the sky.

I had gotten up to go and get something in the camper on the back of the pickup and was looking at the sky as I walked to the camper.  When I got to the rear of the pickup, on particularly bright star suddenly caught my eye.  I can remember being confused when I first saw it and thing, "what the heck is that"?  The light coming off the thing looked just about the same color as the light coming off all the stars, except that it was substantially brighter then any other star in the sky, including the North Star, and about every 2 seconds it would pulsate to a very bright dark red color.  At first that made me think it must be an airplane, but there was no green light at all and the movements  made were impossible for any normal aircraft.  Also, the brightness of the lights seemed to shimmer because of its movements.

I stood there watching this thing for a couple of minutes and then yelled for my brother (who is a small plane pilot) to come look at this thing.  He came walking over, watched it for a few seconds and said, "What the Hell".  We watched this thing for a good 15 minutes make movements no normal plane of any kind could possibly make and at speeds that are equally impossible.

I have not idea how far away the thing was from us.  If I had to guess, I would say it could be anywhere from 60 to as much as 120 miles maybe.  There was no sound associated with it and it had 3 definite patterns to its movements which I would describe in the following way.  Picture the little + in the very center of a rifle scope.  This thing seemed to have the very center of that + as the center point around which all of its movements took place.  The first was straight up and down and straight side to side movements along the axis of the cross.l  The second was a circular movements in both diagonal directions through the center of the +, but when it made this movement it was 3-5 times longer than its straight up and down or side to side movements.  At the distances that thing was from us, those diagonal movements in particular had to represent a distance of miles and it would do it in a couple of seconds.

Plymouth, WI

November  02,  2012  9:15PM

Traveling East on Hwy 67 (Southwest of Plymouth) to pick up a vehicle for repair at about 9:15pm, turned right on Oak road, and passed a man walking his dog, then right on Sumac road.  While traveling West on Sumac I noticed a light low in the sky that seemed out of context because of the color, I wondered if it was a yard light.

As I approached, I noticed that it was not a yard light and it was close to being directly above a nearby residence.  I slowed down and noticed the orange color, to me it looked like a campfire in the sky.  I sped to my destination which was about a half block away, when I arrived a male family member was walking out of the house, at that point we both noticed the light moving from East to West and he said "what is that".

We spent the next two minutes trying to figure out what it was as it moved West and then seemed to turn South and rise into the sky while slowly disappearing.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anthem, AZ

November  02,  2012  1:00AM

Faint lights observed 24/7 for the last 9 months.  They are numerous, move in diverse directions that do not follow aircraft trajectories.

Observed daytime, nighttime, and even during rainstorms.  They seem to have "home tracts," appear in the same positions, and move in a way that defy's conventional aircraft.  An innocent comment I made after an eye exam, when I mentioned I needed my peripheral vision to see my "zoomie," a staff person commented, "They move, don't they?"  "You see them, too?"  I asked.  "Affirmative." Several neighbors have also seen them.

I am a retired aerospace anomalies, Venus, or Vandenburg launch trails.  These lights are the only things I can not explain.

Tacoma, WA

November 01,  2012  9:05PM

I was talking to my mom on the phone while I was driving South on I-5 coming from Fife into Tacoma just passing over 20th S East.  When above the freeway over between the Tacoma Dome and McKinley Park area there was an object that had made this sharp turn that looked like an equilateral triangle with 3 orange light's at each tip and another red glowing light on the center.  What caught my eye was the sharp turn that it made showing the four lights on the bottom of the craft.  I told my mom about the craft and she told me it was probably the Stealth flying low, as I had told my mom that I had seen that flying over by McCord Air Force Base years ago.  I explained to her that this was much bigger than the Stealth and that the shape was wrong and that when I had seen it at night it was per the New Tribune a test flight to see how the plane would react to our rainy weather up here.  Of note the 1-5 Highway was damp on the road  where the cars did not drive due to rain earlier that evening.

I slowed down on the freeway and continued to watch the object as I got closer to the McKinley Park and Tacoma Dome area the object floated over the McKinley Park Hill, and disappeared over the hill.  I thought once I got around the curve to the exit for highway 16 I could see if the flight path was over the freeway going into Joint Base Lewis McChord, the normal flight path for the cargo and jet planes that fly into the base.  In the 3 minutes it took to get to the exit there was nothing.  No plane's in the air nothing.

I ended myh cal to my mon when I got home a few minutes later.  That weekend I asked our MUFON State Director about what color the lights are on a normal aircraft and he told me.  Since then i have been tryhuing to locate any aircraft with lights like that and I cannot find anyn

Joliet, IL

November  01,  2012  8:00PM

My husband and I were driving toward Joliet from Louis Joliet Mall on Route 30, when we noticed about 7 red glowing lights in the sky by Auto Zone and Denny's.  It was about 8pm.  It was completely strange.  To the North, three were floating pretty evenly spaced from one another and a little further South were three more in a slight triangular formation with another below them  We tried to follow them, but they were disappearing.  We followed one onto a side street and noticed that it was EXTREMELY low to the ground (about 3 electrical pole high).  As soon as we got out of the car, we saw it just fade out.  That was it.  They were not planes, they were not flashing, they were orange-red glowing lights moving and hovering slowly.  This lasted about 5-10 minutes. 

Oklahoma Citry, OK

November  01,  2012  7:15PM

I was lying in bed when I noticed something bright like a star or a meteor falling or descending straight down from the sky it was moving very slow to be a meteor or airplane I then past a blue smaller looking star as it keep moving down the blue ball of light started to move straight up this was over by Wiley airport in Oklahoma City I watched it for 15 to 20 seconds before I lost it in the tree line, the blue ball of light I can still barley see in the sky it looks like it is moving away and disappearing if anyone else has seen this please let us know.

Coventry, RI

November  01,  2012  7:00PM

I went to bring my dogs out and their were 4 really bright white kinda blue lights just sitting stationary in the sky for about 15 minutes I came in to tell my girlfriend and when I went back outside with my camera they were gone they were in a straight line could have been 1 big ship with 4 lights but they did not move at all for 15 minutes or so.

Merced, CA

November  01,  2012  12:00AM

Two very bright, orange-yellowish, shining lights appear flying very low, overhead in the Northern night sky heading Southeast bound.  Appearing to be about 4 or 5 times the size of the Northern Star, they fly significantly close underneath all the fog and clouds.  They flew adjacent to each other and were pretty much flying in sync with each other, yet they each seemed to have an individual movement (like two cars driving side by side on a freeway). Seconds go by then the one on the left starts to fade or flicker out.  Once the left one goes out, the one on the right follows right behind just mere seconds after.

Again, there were two objects observed.  They appeared to have no structure, just very bright with an orange and yellow shine like extremely radiant candle lights or illuminating orbs.  Adjacent and almost in sync but still with an individual movement about them.

The weather was completely overcast.  The moon and stars were nowhere to be seen and absolutely in no way, shape, or form would be see that night.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Austin, TX

September 09,  2012  9:45PM

I was traveling West on the 2222 and had just crossed over the 360 when I spotted the aircraft.

The aircraft was at first was in the distance. flying very close to the hills, and I noticed it was an abnormal size and had strange lights for an airplane, it was also moving extremely slow.  As I continued on the 2222 the aircraft flew closer to the 2222 and I realized it was flying extremely low and the slow speed became more apparent.  It passed over my car and I observed it was a solid triangular shape with brilliant green and red lights along the outside of the triangle shape.  It was a solid triangle, with no visible wings.

My background is that I am a 38 year old professinal Caucasian femal who never believed I would be filling this kind of thing.

Lockport, NY

September 09,  2012  7:00PM

On the bike ride home from the store 2 blocks from my house I saw a fire oranges object flying above my neighborhood.  It seemed to be moving steadily in a slanted angle.  I knew it was not a plane or helicopter from its position and silence and its range.  From its behavioral movements it could not possibly be a meteorite.  After staring at it for while it slowly ascended and drifted off until it was a small as a star in the sky until it disappeared.

Bridgeport, CA

September 06,  2012  8:00AM

For 2 consecutive mornings in the Eastern sky we spotted what we believed to be a star in broad daylights.  As the clouds passed, we could determine that the object was below the clouds altitude.  I assumed that it was some kind of weather balloon or man-made object just floating up there, but it never moved from the position that we originally spotted it.  The next morning we saw the exact same thing happen.

Our vantage point was from the Mono Village campground, looking directly down the lake at about 15-20 degrees above the horizon.  Since we were on vacation, we did not stare at it until it disappeared, but we could not see it after about 10:00in the morning.  We looked at it several times for a couple of hours each day and using a tree limb as a vantage point, it never changed position on either day.  We attempted to take photographs, but they did not show up.

Duluth, GA

September 05,  2012  9:00

I was out with the dogs on the sidewalk in front of our house.  I observed what appeared to be four - five lights in the South West sky.  The lights were a very bright yellow and appeared to have the shape of planes or were "bird-like" in shape.  They moved around in a zig zag and spiraling  motion, up and down, and then disappeared. As quickly as those lights disappeared, another three - four lights appeared, moving in the same zig-zag spiraling up and down motion, then disappearing.  Suddenly, there were about three more lights, repeating the same motion and movement.  The objects made no sound.

I quickly attempted to get another family member outside, but could only locate one person.  The family member saw nothing, but while he was standing there, another light flashed across the sky, but was much further away. Family member did not see the one light, nor any of the other lights.  Family member suggested a meteor shower, but the objects were shaped like planes (or birds), were bright yellow, did not flash across the sky, and they were all the same shape and size. 

I do not believe in UFOs, and before now, would have never thought of reporting to a site like this one.  I have seen meteor shower's before, and have never witnessed anything like this.

Hurricane, WV

September 05,  2012  21:00PM

I was traveling thur Hurricane at at a intersection, the stop light was green but no cars were moving traffic was fairly heavy.  Everyone started getting out of cars pointing, and taking photos with their cell phones. 

I looked up and there was a triangle shape with 3 dull  colored red lights.  It hovered with no sound except for a slight whooshing, very faint.  The bottom created a white beam for about 2 seconds then it completely disappeared.  It was above and a little behind the Walgreen's store at the main intersectrion.

Lee, NH

September 05,  2012  6:30AM

Early dawn, on both 5th & 6th, I saw a bright, warn steady white light in or on West Mill Pond.  It was the size of a garden landscape light seen from about 200 feet away from 15 feet above the water.  The light was glowing flickering, bright as an incandescent flashlight. 

There was no obvious source from shore.  No boats moored.   On the 8th I saw two lights about 10 feet apart in the same area, same qualities, only difference was the color, more of an orange.

Ellensburge, WA

September 05,  2012  12:46AM

We were driving home and saw three very bright gold orbs in the sky that looked like a streetlight at first.  We pulled into a dark park and turned the car lights off and then saw the craft moving; close to the ground but above the trees and moving very fast.  It had blue and red lights on the underside of it.

As it got closer, you would tell that it was some kind of craft and we knew that it was foreign as it flew over top of us.

The we saw a second one going the opposite direction and a little bit faster and then it was nowhere to be found.

Albuquerque, NM

September 04,  2012  9:30PM

Myself and two other's once again saw a light appear 35% above western horizon due West of our house.  The object had green and red flashing lights with a very bright flashing white in center.  Stayed in one position for well over an hour then in 125 minutes cycles shifted 5% North and 10% West disappearing above the horizon after two and half hours.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rancho Viejo, TX

September  4,  2012  8:56AM

As I was walking my golden retriever down the golf course, a light from the sky drew my attention to look up.  For a brief moment I glimpsed a very large blue light illuminating beautifully moving as fast as a shooting star.  It was a little smaller than the moon, as it traveled fro about 2 seconds it diminished quickly into a light orange color and in a flash the light was gone.

 However for a brief moment I saw the object in the sky without the lights on then I lost track of it in the darkness.  They were airplanes in the vicinity that had no similarity whatsoever to what I saw.

Olathe, KS

September 03,  2012  11:00PM

My family was traveling  West and my wife noticed a UFO hovering about 10 miles West of Olathe down 135th st.  I instructed my wife to pull over and we all four watched and witnessed the craft hovering in one spot for several minutes.  The craft had flashing lights one being a larger red and a larger white and a smaller red light.

My wife and I noticed that at one point the two larger lights flashed much like a police car would back and forth and then light pattern changed and craft moved to the east and flew over our car, but I could not make out the shape, but I could hear it.

Planes and jets do not hover for several minutes so I can not explain what exactly the craft was, craft moved off to the east of Olath.

Another odd thing is my wife recorded on her cell phone but when we got home to replay her phone skipped and all we see is a flash on the screen.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Marlboro, MA

September 03,  2012  10:00PM

I saw a red light coming from behind some trees near my house then as it got closer we realized it looked like it was on fore it was silent and was moving to fast to be a lantern or a balloon then it stopped for about 5 minutes then it slowly faded away into the distance but seemed to stay in the same spot as it faded & it was gone I see strange stuff in the sky all the time but this was the best I filmed it but it just looks like a red dot.

Farmington, AR

September 03,  2012  9:50PM

Sitting on my back patio tonight.  Neighbors had been shooting fireworks in celebration of Labor Day holiday.  Orange/amber orb appeared from nowhere approximately 200 ft. vertical above my backyard.  I live in a very populated neighborhood; however, lots of farmland surrounding area.

I first thought this was some sort of remnant from a firework and it appeared to be "on fire".  It was moving very, very slowly from the Southeast sky toward the Northern sky.   It literally stopped overhead and hovered for approximately 1 minute and then continued on this Northern direction, remaining perfectly horizontal to the ground at the same altitude it first approached.  As I watched it glide across the sky, totally without sound, I kept trying to process what this could be.  I even thought someone must have an awesome remote control toy, until it disappeared in the distance.

During its flights, it would get brighter, then dimmer but was absolutely NOT an airplane or helicopter and no other lights or colors just the steady glowing orange/amber color.

I can only seem to describe  it as what the sun against the night sky would look like, only much smaller form.  As I was trying to explain this, another one appeared in the exact location as the first and mimicked the flight pattern exactly as the first, just as the first was almost out of sight range.  I am not panicked about this just extremely curious.

Another side note, temperatures outside 80 degrees and zero wind.  I am a very sane person, this was very odd.  

New Cumberland, WV

September 03,  2012  9:45PM

On the above date I was driving North on WV Rt. 2 and observed strange lights in the sky.  They were glowing red and appeared to be hovering.  I pulled off the side of the road and I stopped my car and watched them.  The lights seemed to be moving towards each other and in a triangle formation.  The lights then seemed to slowly disappears and then come back.  One of the lights in the formation took a quick dive and then shoot straight back up again.  At that point, I took out my I phone and proceeded to video the lights.  I obtained a small amount of footage before they slowly disappeared.

St. Augustine, FL

September  03,  2012  9:30PM

Me and my 2 sons were walking down Menendez Street near the lions bridge my son told me to look up in the sky and we witnessed a yellow light that was flat on top rounded sided and looked like flames on bottom.

My other son got a short video of it.  It seem to be stationary for a minute then gradually moved upwards and kinda faded out.  A car stopped next to us and ask what that was in the sky.  I do not know what it was, I have never seen anything like it before I have seen many launches from Cape Canaveral did not look like a rocket and we were looking due North toward Jacksonville we heard no sound and appeared to be very large .  I do not know how long it was thee but we saw it for approximately 2 minutes.

Clinton Township, MI

September 03,  2012  9:30PM

My wife and I were sitting on our porch around 9:30pm, on 9/3/12.  We live near Selfridge Air National Guard Base and as I was looking up in that direction I noticed a constant bright red light.  I am in the military and am very familiar with military aircraft.  As I watched the light, I noticed it moving in my direction (Northwest) and slowly turned back East.  The closer the craft came to me, the duller the light became until it completely disappeared.

At this point I could make out the4 shape of the craft.  As the craft was almost over top of my wife and myself I could make out a disc shaped craft.  I watched this craft move across the sky for roughly a minute and a half until it disappeared.  While watching this first craft I noticed a commercial jet flying East but the plane was far above the craft.

After the craft was gone I kept looking up towards the direction the craft came from and noticed a second bright red light.  I watched this craft slowly head in the same path as the first one doing everthing the same, down to the dulling red light which disappeared at roughly the same point as the first craft.  At this point my wife said something and I looked at her and looked back up to where the light was and it was gone.  Neither craft made any noise.