Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yakima, WA

August 06,  2012

I watched 3 bright lights in the sky to the SW of Yakima, Washington for over 30 minutes.  I am a private pilot and an used to seeing the stars and aircraft in the  sky.

The objects did changed color similar to an aircraft light system.  But not quite the same.  I saw what to my eyes were green, red, white, and orange flashing lights.  I did see an aircraft moving near the upper most light.  It appeared to have a standard red nav lighting.  It's  position would have put it north of the top light and it moved back and forth and appeared to be circling.  I did watch for about 20 minutes thru binoculars.  I called my 2 college age children and after some good natured ribbing we drove to a high point and watched as the lights disappeared to the SW.  What I say disappear I mean they got dimmer and appeared to drop slightly on the horizon but not below, until we could no longer see them.  They still maintained the triangle shape.  They appeared to be several miles apart and at different altitudes.  I do know the military was scheduled to fly Chinook helicopter night flights but those would have been in the opposite direction to these lights 35 miles to the SE.

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