Thursday, October 25, 2012

White Sands National, NM

September 01,  2012  9:00PM

This event began with a flashing green strobe about 10 degrees over the horizon between the Cloud Croft mountains and White Sands Missile Range in the Northeast part of the sky.  The light was pulsating at different intervals and luminosity for about 15 minutes before a solid green light appeared about 40 degrees above the pulsating light.  That light remained constant for about 5 minutes when a solid light descended from sky to near the same area as the solid green light.  The white light began moving in different directions very erratically and at times making oblong circles.  I would say that it would travel withing 15 degrees above, and below the solid green almost instantly.  Closest way to describe its behavior would be like someone trying to film an object in the sky with a shaky hand or a meteorite moving and stopping and changing directions hundreds of times.  Moved faster than I have ever seen something move.  The entire event ended when the erratic light stopped and then shot down towards the horizon and green lights appeared to begin moving north easterly.

The entire group of people within our dunes area were watching this.  White Sands National Park stay open late on full moon nights which is why everyone was there.  I did have a high definition video camera but could not zoom in or out enough to cancel the glare of the moon directly to the left of the event.

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