Friday, October 12, 2012

Wheatly (Canada), ON

August 27,  2012  10:45PM 

While camping at camper's cove Wheatly.  While watching the campfire, my brother noticed a small red cylindrical object lifting off the ground in the field behind us. We noticed it slowly rise from the North East towards the South West sky.  It was bright reddish/orange hue.  It travelled along the treetops at the speed of a small plane.  I suggested it was a plane yet my brother and son noticed it did not have flashing lights and made not noise.

It picked up speed at about 1000 feet, I ran to get my camera and my son was yelling hurry.  Yet when I got out of the cabin to snap the shot, the craft accelerated at a great speed (as if being pulled into space) and vanished instantly.

Our nine year old niece was also a witness to this.  Later two other camper's were talking about seeing the same object.

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