Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Waterville, MW

September 02,  2012  8:18PM

At 5:15pm, standing in the parking lot between Walmart and Home Depot, a person called out to me, look (pointing to the sky) Southeast direction.

There was a high flying object, moving in  one direction, orange.  It traveled some, then disappeared.  Then there were 3 flying in formation, then disappeared.  Then 5 objects, then disappeared.  These objects kept appearing and disappearing.  There was no sound.  I guess they could be helicopters as a logical explanation, but because they were so big, then disappearing and reappearing the disappearing then very high up in the sky. then low to the ground in seconds, they looked very odd.  Tonight there was a full moon out.  I wished there was not otherwise we may have called the cops.  I swear on my fathers grave, everything I say is true.

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