Monday, October 15, 2012

Tulsa, OK

August 28,  2012  2:30AM

I was looking west up at the sky and saw three blinking lights in the sky.  The sky was pretty clear, not clouds and no regular air traffic.  I observed these three stationary white lights that were spread out like an isosceles triangle.  One was very faint to the naked eye, but I could clearly see it was blinking, slowly at times and rapid at times.  The second white light was closer and I would make out a red and a blue light on either side of the central blinking white light.  The third light was the closest to me, roughly 2 to 3 miles.  This light was also blinking what looked like Morse code along with the other two lights.  This spacecraft, or whatever it was, definitely a saucer like shape.  I could make out the white light that came out of the craft was in a horizontal line that ran around the ship.  It also seamed to have multi-colored lights that spun around the craft or center of the white light.  All three of these ships sit stationary for a couple hours, this happened three nights in a row.  The first two mights they were in the same place in the sky, the third night they had moved.  But all three nights they seemed to be in a perfect triangle formation.

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  1. i seen this too along with several of my friends and family.
    we also seen a triangular unidentified flying object on july 24th or 25th 2012. ill never forget how loud it was. ive never seen anything like if not even military replicas.

    my link to this object