Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tomball, TX

August 27,  2012

I was sitting in my drive way near Fountain and Huffsmith-Korville Road, just south of Tomball talking on my cell phone.  I looked up and saw a amber coloured light moving in a South by South East direction (I was facing due East).  I have a lot of Hooks Airport and IAH Airport traffic over my home.  The "craft" did not have landing lights, strobe, red beacon, right and left lights.  There was no body other than the amber light emitted.  The craft made no sound (as I got off the phone to watch it before it went behind my home).  I would say the light was about a 45 degree angle up, flying in a straght line but a little up and down as it moved along.  I have seen amber lights like these before in the area on a previous sighting about three  years ago. 

I am a former professional truck driver and current small business owner.  I have seen man UFOs all over the United States and I have made other reports before.

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