Monday, October 15, 2012

Smithsburg, MD

August 29,  2012  12:30AM

While watching late news, I heard what I thought was an airplane.  Did not think much of it at first.  Every 20-25 minutes I would again hear this sound, traveling from SSE to NNW.  After the third time, I went outside onto my deck to try to catch a glimpse of the aircraft I heard at regular intervals.  The sky is clear, near full moon not a cloud in the sky.  Beautiful night for star gazing.

From the SSE, i first noticed two very bright white lights much brighter than even medivac's lights would be.  As this craft got closer, I heard that familiar sound of what I thought was an airplane.  As the craft flew over me, I realized this was triangular in shape with three white lights and one bright red, flashing light in the center, under-side.

I followed this craft visually as it continued N then NW followed along the horizon until it was out of sight due to a ridge of trees and houses.  Approximately 20 minutes passed when I again caught this craft in the SW sky.  From that point, it was almost exactly 5 minutes before it was once again approaching me from the SSE, continuing along the same path as before.

As I am writing of this siting of something, it has again just completed another lap in/around the area.

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