Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Plainfield, IL

September 03,  2012  9:05PM

I was talking with my wife on our back patio, which faces East, on Labor Day night in Plainfield, IL and I spotted out of the corner of my eye a very bright reddish orange light moving on a level flight pattern towards us out of the Eastern sky.  I stopped my conversation with my wife and pointed it out to her and she saw it and was amazed at the colors and it's shape.  I got up from my patio and walked to the Northern corner of our back yard to get a clear look at this what appeared as an object moving on a level flight pattern from the East going West.

In the mean time my wife went inside our house to get our son's ages 26 and 25 and our one son's girl friend age 29.  In the meantime I stood in my yard continuing to observe this very bright object and had what appeared as cone shaped or spikes shaped objects projecting out of the center of a cigar shaped center of which the entire object was completely illuminating a pulsating reddish orange aura.

As it came completely in front of me it appeared that the center of this object's center cigar shape had a line of white/blue/purplish glowing aura.  I must stop here to explain that where we live we are in a flight line for Chicago Midway Airport where on a daily basis we must see at least 30 or more commerical jets making their final approaching the airport, and are approximately 5 -6 thousand in altitude.  Seeing these daily for the 12 years we live here, I can differentiate the lights on commercial planes and how they change as they move  and literally pass over our house.  This object never changed colors if anything as it moved directly pass me at 5 - 6 thousand feet in altitude, it clearly became more apparent this was no ordinary aircraft.  As stated before the entire object was totally illuminated and was larger than any plane I have seen in my life and as it passed I waited to hear the sound of jet engine's or even possible the sound of a propeller engine.  What I heard was noting at all and at that time it was completely silent outside.  As it moved Westward away from me, it looked the same from the back as it did from the front, same colors, shapes, and pulsating aura.  For the next few minutes as it began to disappear to the West I noticed all I could make out of this was a bright red dot.  At the time I witnessed this I would estimate that this object was traveling at the same or slightly faster speed of the aircraft they fly over our house daily on their final approach.  (Maybe 200 mph). But as it was at the point where it reached as far West of where it turned to a red dot, it suddenly moved upward in altitude at a very fast speed and then it was no longer visible.  Just at this time I noticed a commercial jet was coming out of the Western sky perpendicular to this object. and that is when the object shot upward out of sight.

I am a 49 year old man whom I would describe as someone who has  had a lot of experience with aircraft of many types, including military craft, and I have never seen anything like this before.

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