Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oakley, CA

September 01,  2012  12:30AM

We were at the Westwind Drive-In, in Concord, CA, where  as we were waiting to have our battery jumped, I had nothing better to do, but to look up at the aircraft that were coming in for a landing, or just taking off, as the drive is in located right next to the small airport, when I noticed two star like objects that were just hoovering about 200 feet above the earths surface and heard no noise.

After getting my vehicle started, I left and entered Hwy. 4, as I got into the slow lane one of the objects moved down to about 50 feet above the freeway and once again, I heard zero noise and it appeared triangular, with three points and was just one color and extremely bright, white light.

Then as I began to move down the freeway, towards Brentwood, these two lights, moved back up to about 300 feet and began pulsing, and even having flashing red lights, my children were in the car with me and saw it too and began getting scared when we saw the triangular shape and heard no noise whatsoever!

These continued to travel down Hwy. 4, until one finally settled, hoovering at around 375 feet, at where appears to be downtown Bethel Island and the other, at about 150 feet above the old farm that is at the end of Sellers Avenue, near Iron House Elementary School.

I have seen these things turn into a grey gassy orb as well, but these seem to just go back to being singularly bright and hoovering.  I guess besides wondering what these things are, where they came from and what they want with us, I guess I am just wondering why the United States Government is not doing anything about this!

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