Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Milford, CT

September 02,  2012  9:05PM

First very bright orange-red spark like light with orange nimbus emerged above the treeline at 5 degrees North.  From elevation of 8 degree's it slowly and steadily rose straight up within cloudless area of sky.  This light initially gave the appearance of a slow-motion firework missile that was launched and primed to explode.  It was extremely bright and obviously propelled,  not simply drifting.  Through 10X21 binoculars this light appeared fan-shaped(picture a deep U shape, wide at the top, with a small ball shaped nucleus of brighter and deeper orange light resting at the bottom).  Overall impression was of a concise ball of light surrounded by a nimbus of hazier orange light.  I do not recall any fluctuation of luminosity.  Slow ascent of this light continued for approximately 90 seconds.  Strobes a 110 lumen LED flashing light at this object during it's ascent, with no response.  During last few seconds of ascent this light faded away until it was no longer visible in cloudless area of sky at 35 degree elevation.  Estimated distance from beach equal 3,000 feet, which possibly positions it above marshland near a cemetery.

Within 5 minutes of the first light's fading away, another identical light rose above treeline at 355 degrees North.  Same appearance and gradual ascent straight up.  Likewise, viewed through binoculars and signalled with flashlight: same situation as previous until it similarly faded away at 35 degree elevation.

After waiting about 30 minutes for the chance of a repetition, packed up and ready to leave when, through the broken cloud cover to the East Southeast glimpsed a more distant but similarly colored light slowly ascending into the clouds.  Assuming that this might have been an error on my part, or a prosaic aircraft, I prepared to investigate a playing field about a mile to the north, from which Chinese lantern / balloons could have been released.

Within several minutes another bright orange light rose up behind the treeline in the exact same location that the previous light had been briefly noticed.  At 13 degrees elevation and 145 degrees Southeast this light, identical to the pair that had just previously emerged from the North, slowly rose at what appeared to be the same distance from the beach (3,000feet), which would place it out over Long Island Sound.  After about 105 seconds it too faded away in identical fashion.  No equipment used in this observation.

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