Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grove City, PA

August 06,  2012

I was looking at Orion and noticed the middle of the belt was moving.  It looked as bright as Venus.  It was moving East at a very fast speed.  I looked for the blinking light to see if it was a low airplane but it was just a solid light.  My cousin also saw it and he works on airplanes he said that maybe it was a airplane that left it's landing lights on but as low as it was we would of heard it.  It was low I'v seen other airplanes at the same time and it eclipsed the. 

Then we started noticing that it was kind of bobbing left to right while moving forward at the same time.  It could not have bin a helicopter because there very loud and we see them all the time.  And it also seemed to slow down mid flight and then speed back up.  It moved from Orion to the horizon in 5 minutes.  I watch a lot of UFO shows and I tried to debunk it and could not, my cousin who worked on planes was stumped, and my dad which is a navy veteran said "that will make you think."

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