Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grand Forks, ND

September 023,  2012  3:03AM

That night I was outside smoking.  It was 3:03sm.  I saw some flashing light that looked like firework balls only they moved very fast they would fade and almost disappear, then rush back into view again.  They would move out and away from each other then merge together again quickly.  They began merging and them would form a glowing ball of white light, which would grow in size.  Then it would break apart and repeat.

I grabbed my phone, and recorded it.  My dogs were unusually silent they stood still next to me.  Then the last time, it grew to be so bright and huge.  It almost like it know I was watching or something.  I then clicked some photos instead of video - but when it merged and got brighter and bigger it was like it was coming towards me.  So, I got scared and went back inside quickly.  The video was not on my phone any longer.  The pictures were still there though.

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