Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fishkill, NY

August 06,  2012

A friend and I had gone star gazing.  I noticed an orange light through the trees.  It was brighter and larger than a star and seemed to hover just below the tree line.

I thought it was a street light but then it started to slowly rise into the sky.  It was barely moving at first and then seemed to pick up speed and move at the speed of a plane.  However, it moved diagonally upwards and was at a higher altitude than we thought possible for a plane.  Also, there were airplanes out and they were much lower and blinked whereas this object did not blink but seemed to have multiple lights making up a far larger mass.

As the object moved overhead we tried to get a better view but we could not see through a nearby tree.  We thought we had lost it, but then we saw a similar. perhaps the same object, moving back in the direction from which it came.  The first object moved across the right side of the sky, whereas the second came from the left, further supporting the idea that it was perhaps the same object doubling back.  As it got closer to the treelike from which it first appeared it did not drop down behind the trees but disappeared just above them.  We are still not sure what it was but we know it was not a plane.

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