Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fairfield County, CT

September 02,  2012  10:00PM

Five spherical objects were observed origination from the Southwest (Long Island/NYC area).  They appeared in sequence about 1 - 2 minutes apart, all beginning along the horizon & traveling up to about the midpoint of the sky before disappearing.

There was mild cloud cover so we could not see exactly where the objects went.  They were yellow-orange in color, and from out view point very large, comparatively perhaps 5X the size of Jupiter.  They were rather bright and flickered like a candle flame, not a bright harsh electronic light that would be found on an aircraft.  They seemed to be either very close and very slow, or very distant and very fast.  There was not audible sound.  They moved in a somewhat random pattern and variable speed seeming to pause in their trajectory at points.  The objects left no trails in the sky.

We live about a mile from a small commercial airport, but these objects neither originated from that direction, nor did they appear to land anywhere.  When we lost sight of each one it was about halfway up the horizon.

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