Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carolina (Puerto Rico)

September 01,  2012  11:50PM

My wife and I were walking my mother sister and step father to their car when my mother points to the sky and asks us "Is that the light you guys saw the other time".  There was a bright light hovering about half a mile away.  The light started to move towards us a pretty quick rate of speed.  Then the light suddenly stopped in place for a second about a quarter mile away and started to descent.  While descending the first time it started to flicker then disappeared behind some houses.  After a brief moment it started to rise again.  The second time it starts to descend it starts to flicker and about half way down the light turns off.  We thought it had disappeared but my wife noticed the dark black shape of the object move slightly right until it was out of sight again.  We stood outside looking to see if it was to rise again but after almost an hour, with goose bumps all over we said good bye and they took off.

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