Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Plainfield, IL

September 03,  2012  9:05PM

I was talking with my wife on our back patio, which faces East, on Labor Day night in Plainfield, IL and I spotted out of the corner of my eye a very bright reddish orange light moving on a level flight pattern towards us out of the Eastern sky.  I stopped my conversation with my wife and pointed it out to her and she saw it and was amazed at the colors and it's shape.  I got up from my patio and walked to the Northern corner of our back yard to get a clear look at this what appeared as an object moving on a level flight pattern from the East going West.

In the mean time my wife went inside our house to get our son's ages 26 and 25 and our one son's girl friend age 29.  In the meantime I stood in my yard continuing to observe this very bright object and had what appeared as cone shaped or spikes shaped objects projecting out of the center of a cigar shaped center of which the entire object was completely illuminating a pulsating reddish orange aura.

As it came completely in front of me it appeared that the center of this object's center cigar shape had a line of white/blue/purplish glowing aura.  I must stop here to explain that where we live we are in a flight line for Chicago Midway Airport where on a daily basis we must see at least 30 or more commerical jets making their final approaching the airport, and are approximately 5 -6 thousand in altitude.  Seeing these daily for the 12 years we live here, I can differentiate the lights on commercial planes and how they change as they move  and literally pass over our house.  This object never changed colors if anything as it moved directly pass me at 5 - 6 thousand feet in altitude, it clearly became more apparent this was no ordinary aircraft.  As stated before the entire object was totally illuminated and was larger than any plane I have seen in my life and as it passed I waited to hear the sound of jet engine's or even possible the sound of a propeller engine.  What I heard was noting at all and at that time it was completely silent outside.  As it moved Westward away from me, it looked the same from the back as it did from the front, same colors, shapes, and pulsating aura.  For the next few minutes as it began to disappear to the West I noticed all I could make out of this was a bright red dot.  At the time I witnessed this I would estimate that this object was traveling at the same or slightly faster speed of the aircraft they fly over our house daily on their final approach.  (Maybe 200 mph). But as it was at the point where it reached as far West of where it turned to a red dot, it suddenly moved upward in altitude at a very fast speed and then it was no longer visible.  Just at this time I noticed a commercial jet was coming out of the Western sky perpendicular to this object. and that is when the object shot upward out of sight.

I am a 49 year old man whom I would describe as someone who has  had a lot of experience with aircraft of many types, including military craft, and I have never seen anything like this before.

Mason, TX

September 03,  2012  5:17PM

While my brother was driving North on U.S. Route 87, I noticed a light ship above the road.  I said look there is a ship.  It was very shiny like aluminum. After 10 seconds it disappeared or cloaked.  It could have been very large depending how far away it was?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grand Forks, ND

September 023,  2012  3:03AM

That night I was outside smoking.  It was 3:03sm.  I saw some flashing light that looked like firework balls only they moved very fast they would fade and almost disappear, then rush back into view again.  They would move out and away from each other then merge together again quickly.  They began merging and them would form a glowing ball of white light, which would grow in size.  Then it would break apart and repeat.

I grabbed my phone, and recorded it.  My dogs were unusually silent they stood still next to me.  Then the last time, it grew to be so bright and huge.  It almost like it know I was watching or something.  I then clicked some photos instead of video - but when it merged and got brighter and bigger it was like it was coming towards me.  So, I got scared and went back inside quickly.  The video was not on my phone any longer.  The pictures were still there though.

Fairfield County, CT

September 02,  2012  10:00PM

Five spherical objects were observed origination from the Southwest (Long Island/NYC area).  They appeared in sequence about 1 - 2 minutes apart, all beginning along the horizon & traveling up to about the midpoint of the sky before disappearing.

There was mild cloud cover so we could not see exactly where the objects went.  They were yellow-orange in color, and from out view point very large, comparatively perhaps 5X the size of Jupiter.  They were rather bright and flickered like a candle flame, not a bright harsh electronic light that would be found on an aircraft.  They seemed to be either very close and very slow, or very distant and very fast.  There was not audible sound.  They moved in a somewhat random pattern and variable speed seeming to pause in their trajectory at points.  The objects left no trails in the sky.

We live about a mile from a small commercial airport, but these objects neither originated from that direction, nor did they appear to land anywhere.  When we lost sight of each one it was about halfway up the horizon.

Milford, CT

September 02,  2012  9:05PM

First very bright orange-red spark like light with orange nimbus emerged above the treeline at 5 degrees North.  From elevation of 8 degree's it slowly and steadily rose straight up within cloudless area of sky.  This light initially gave the appearance of a slow-motion firework missile that was launched and primed to explode.  It was extremely bright and obviously propelled,  not simply drifting.  Through 10X21 binoculars this light appeared fan-shaped(picture a deep U shape, wide at the top, with a small ball shaped nucleus of brighter and deeper orange light resting at the bottom).  Overall impression was of a concise ball of light surrounded by a nimbus of hazier orange light.  I do not recall any fluctuation of luminosity.  Slow ascent of this light continued for approximately 90 seconds.  Strobes a 110 lumen LED flashing light at this object during it's ascent, with no response.  During last few seconds of ascent this light faded away until it was no longer visible in cloudless area of sky at 35 degree elevation.  Estimated distance from beach equal 3,000 feet, which possibly positions it above marshland near a cemetery.

Within 5 minutes of the first light's fading away, another identical light rose above treeline at 355 degrees North.  Same appearance and gradual ascent straight up.  Likewise, viewed through binoculars and signalled with flashlight: same situation as previous until it similarly faded away at 35 degree elevation.

After waiting about 30 minutes for the chance of a repetition, packed up and ready to leave when, through the broken cloud cover to the East Southeast glimpsed a more distant but similarly colored light slowly ascending into the clouds.  Assuming that this might have been an error on my part, or a prosaic aircraft, I prepared to investigate a playing field about a mile to the north, from which Chinese lantern / balloons could have been released.

Within several minutes another bright orange light rose up behind the treeline in the exact same location that the previous light had been briefly noticed.  At 13 degrees elevation and 145 degrees Southeast this light, identical to the pair that had just previously emerged from the North, slowly rose at what appeared to be the same distance from the beach (3,000feet), which would place it out over Long Island Sound.  After about 105 seconds it too faded away in identical fashion.  No equipment used in this observation.

London (Canada), ON

September 02,  2012  8:50PM

My wider and I were sitting on the cough watching TV and we had our backdoor open when we noticed 3 Orange red ball shaped moving quickly and quietly on the sky together.  We know it was not a plane or planes and while we were watching they disappeared high into the sky.  With a fourth one not to far behind and it was travelling quickly too, heading west as well like it was trying to catch up to the others.  Then as we were watching it the object flew higher and higher until it disappeared into the sky.

Crown Point, IN

September 02,  2012  8:30PM

My husband and I were in the backyard with our two dogs at about 8:30pm last night.  He said "look up".

There were two round reddish-orange objects about 3,000 to 5,000 feet up moving from East to West straight, then at a very slight curve.  We watched them and then looked East again to see four more, then one more.  He looked at them through his binoculars and said they were round and looked like they were on fire.  There was no sound.  We watched them for about five minutes until they went behind the clouds and disappeared, just about one by one.

Waterville, MW

September 02,  2012  8:18PM

At 5:15pm, standing in the parking lot between Walmart and Home Depot, a person called out to me, look (pointing to the sky) Southeast direction.

There was a high flying object, moving in  one direction, orange.  It traveled some, then disappeared.  Then there were 3 flying in formation, then disappeared.  Then 5 objects, then disappeared.  These objects kept appearing and disappearing.  There was no sound.  I guess they could be helicopters as a logical explanation, but because they were so big, then disappearing and reappearing the disappearing then very high up in the sky. then low to the ground in seconds, they looked very odd.  Tonight there was a full moon out.  I wished there was not otherwise we may have called the cops.  I swear on my fathers grave, everything I say is true.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

September 02,  2012  1:20AM

Off the balcony of our hotel in Puerto Vallarta Mexico my fiance and myself observed four bright orange lights at almost eye level climbing out over the ocean approximately 3 to 5 miles from our location.  The object's did not appear to be in any sort of formation.  No noise of any sort was heard from these objects as the sound of the waves could be heard in the distance.  Our balcony faced almost due West.  These objects to my observance were heading approximately Southwest 230 degrees.  Thunderstorms were in the area that evening with a great deal of lighting and precipitation.  At the time of observed the four bright orange objects slowly accelerated away at approximately 200 - 300 knots up into the high thin overcast.

No sooner than they disappeared, two more of the same objects appeared to be coming from the surface of the water and traveling the same flight path.  We watched them fly into the overcast.  Then another appeared.  At the sighting of the fifth or sixth object, my finance stepped into the room and retrieved her binoculars.  I was able to observe the object as it too traveled roughly the same path.  I did mention to her that the object appeared to have been coming from the ocean to then being airborne.  The description of the object in the binoculars was bright orange with the appearance of dark vertical lines encircled around the object.

The shoreline of our view curved in such a way that I can estimate our distance from the object to be 3-5 miles due to the fact that the farthest land mass was in my estimation to be 8 to 10 miles.  The objects again appeared to be closer to our half way point from that farthest land mass.  In about 35 to 40 minutes we observed a total of twelve of these bright orange objects all originating from the same location close to the shoreline and just above the water surface.  Movement of the objects was initially slow then accelerating to what it would say was about 300 knots.

I am a captain of a major airline based in DFW employed with them for almost 27 years.  I spent 120 years as a fighter pilot in the USAF.  What I described of my observance of these objects was based on my 37 years in aviation as a pilot.

Carolina (Puerto Rico)

September 01,  2012  11:50PM

My wife and I were walking my mother sister and step father to their car when my mother points to the sky and asks us "Is that the light you guys saw the other time".  There was a bright light hovering about half a mile away.  The light started to move towards us a pretty quick rate of speed.  Then the light suddenly stopped in place for a second about a quarter mile away and started to descent.  While descending the first time it started to flicker then disappeared behind some houses.  After a brief moment it started to rise again.  The second time it starts to descend it starts to flicker and about half way down the light turns off.  We thought it had disappeared but my wife noticed the dark black shape of the object move slightly right until it was out of sight again.  We stood outside looking to see if it was to rise again but after almost an hour, with goose bumps all over we said good bye and they took off.

Hickory, NC

September  01,  2012  11:00PM

At 11:00pm, my wife went to smoke on the back porch.  She noticed the strange flashing object in the sky.  My wife called for me to come see it.  I went to the back porch and saw the object as well.  Neither of us could make a definite shape of what it was but both of us noticed that it was somewhat stationary.  There were flashing lights, red, green, blue and white.

An airplane flew between myself and the object.  It is possible to have seen it as well.  My wife and I both watched it for about 10 minutes and then it disappeared.  We assumed that it was because of clouds so we kept watching.
A few minutes passed and I noticed it again.  This it was about an inch to the right from where we first saw it.  We watched it for a little while longer until it disappeared again.  I kept watching for it to reappear but my wife went on to bed.  I then saw it reappear about 10 minutes later.  This time it seemed to be further away and lower to the horizon approximately 1/2 inch above a small set of trees.  I kept watching until it disappeared again.  I kept watching for about 30 minutes and it never reappeared.

Carolina Beach, NC

September 01,  2012  10:30PM

My husband and I took an unexpected trip to Carolina Beach on 9/1/2012.  We got to our  hotel around 7:30 - 8:00pm we got settled in and then decided to get something to eat.  After we ate we walked back through the little carnival that was on Boardwalk on the beach and past a little bar that was supposed to start playing live music at 9pm.  I said to my husband what time is it he said 10:00, we laughed because we thought they did not play very long to have to already take a break.

Any way we walked onto the beach and took a few pictures came back the band was playing so we stood on the wooden walk way directly behind the small bar on a wooden walkway that leads to the beach really close to the Courtyard hotel.

So it was probably around 10:30 - 10:45 I turned around to look out at the ocean and noticed a small orange light like thing floating around, it seemed to float closer to us because it got a bit bigger.  It was floating slowly not fast at all.  A few of other people came up on the walk way looking up at it and commenting as to what it was.  The light stayed floating and looked like it was floating away from us because it appeared to get smaller and smaller until it was just gone.  My husband said it looked like something flying that had been light on fire not flaming but like one big ember finally went out there were several people standing around where we were about 10 or 12.

 Not sure what it was but I can not find anything or any way to explain it.  So I decided to look it up and found that several other people on the East coast have seen the same thing.  I took two pictures of it if you want them.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Whiteland, IN

September 01,  2012  9:40PM

Myself and another witness spotted a football shaped object making no sound moving slowly from a South to North direction above or slightly West of Sawmill Rd. in Whiteland, IN.  We are around two blocks East of Sawmill Rd., so we were relatively close to this craft.

The color was of a reddish orange tint which appeared to be sourced from the center of the craft and illuminating the rest of the object defining the shape, but not creating a glow beyond it's dimensions.  The illumination could be compared to a Chinese Lantern or a Christmas luminary.  The light was not flickering, pulsating or blinking at this time.

When we first noticed the object, it appeared to be 1 & 1/2 times the size of a Cessna airplane, approx. 200 feet above the ground, and moving around 20 mph in a straight South to North path.  Our view was unobstructed for approx. 2 minutes.  We positioned ourselves from where we were originally at to get a better view for when the object reemerged from behind the tree.

When we were able to see the object again, it was heading in a Northwestern direction, had put more distance between us and itself, and had taken on more of a ball shape, and appeared to be smaller than when we first saw it.  The color had also changed slightly taking on more of a red tint and was also pulsating.

As it continued to head in a Northwest direction, it had picked up speed comparable to small aircraft, and raised slightly in altitude.  We then jumped in  a car attempting to follow the object.  Since we could only go West or North by road, we were only able to travel for a couple miles before we could no longer see it due to the distance between us and it, and the amount of large trees obstructing our view.

Rehoboth, DE

September  01,  2012  8:00PM

There were 4 people who witnessed a total of 5 red fiery orbs over Rehoboth Bay, DE from 9:00 10:15 pm. All 5 orbs followed a similar trajectory from North to South.  All of the orbs appeared low in the sky moving rapidly, then appeared to stop moving for a few seconds and started moving slowly vertically, growing smaller until they disappeared.

The first orb appeared @ 9pm with the 2nd following immediately behind it.  The 3rd orb appeared @9:30pm.  The 4th appeared @ 10 minutes later.  The last orb appeared @ 10:15pm.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

White Sands National, NM

September 01,  2012  9:00PM

This event began with a flashing green strobe about 10 degrees over the horizon between the Cloud Croft mountains and White Sands Missile Range in the Northeast part of the sky.  The light was pulsating at different intervals and luminosity for about 15 minutes before a solid green light appeared about 40 degrees above the pulsating light.  That light remained constant for about 5 minutes when a solid light descended from sky to near the same area as the solid green light.  The white light began moving in different directions very erratically and at times making oblong circles.  I would say that it would travel withing 15 degrees above, and below the solid green almost instantly.  Closest way to describe its behavior would be like someone trying to film an object in the sky with a shaky hand or a meteorite moving and stopping and changing directions hundreds of times.  Moved faster than I have ever seen something move.  The entire event ended when the erratic light stopped and then shot down towards the horizon and green lights appeared to begin moving north easterly.

The entire group of people within our dunes area were watching this.  White Sands National Park stay open late on full moon nights which is why everyone was there.  I did have a high definition video camera but could not zoom in or out enough to cancel the glare of the moon directly to the left of the event.

Lincoln, CA

September 01,  2012  8:15PM

Traveling East bound on Hwy. 65 looking due South at approx. 20:15 hrs just passing Sunset Blvd.  Still looking South just behind William Jessup Collage observed two single lighted aircraft rising from horizon level into the night sky to an altitude of approx. 100 to 1560 feet.

Both aircraft separated in formation to begin aerial manoeuvres of independent origin.  At first these manoeuvres seemed to be something that could only be achieved by a smaller remote control aircraft, tight and slow quarter turns, loops and various synchronized aerobatics.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Phoenix, AZ

September 01,  2012  10:35AM

It started as a blue and white light dancing just over the tree line over circled and waved in the air then the light lowered down and disappeared and faded out of sit going up, it was weired.

Scottsdale (Phoenix), AZ

September 01,  2012  4:30PM

I saw a big ball white or silver.  Stay at the same place for almost an hour.  Over this ball flash 4 extremely bright small balls of light.  After 10 minutes, the small balls vanished.

 I went into my car and started driving my car.  The big object was flying with me over 40 miles to my apartment.  All the way home this object started changing shapes and turned into 3 small objects.  This object for sure was fallow me.

Saint John (Canada), NB

September 01,  2012  2:20AM

I saw a orb circular shaped object, bright orange with the same color and intensity as a street light.  I was located outside of the city, overlooking the river valley at a fairly high elevation and it appeared low above the  water and was a substantial size given my distance to the river and its size.  It was much larger then an aircraft and was silent and although changed altitude and directions many times.  They appeared smooth with smooth transitions and rose too increasing altitude and proceed up the river valley and towards our metro city.

Oakley, CA

September 01,  2012  12:30AM

We were at the Westwind Drive-In, in Concord, CA, where  as we were waiting to have our battery jumped, I had nothing better to do, but to look up at the aircraft that were coming in for a landing, or just taking off, as the drive is in located right next to the small airport, when I noticed two star like objects that were just hoovering about 200 feet above the earths surface and heard no noise.

After getting my vehicle started, I left and entered Hwy. 4, as I got into the slow lane one of the objects moved down to about 50 feet above the freeway and once again, I heard zero noise and it appeared triangular, with three points and was just one color and extremely bright, white light.

Then as I began to move down the freeway, towards Brentwood, these two lights, moved back up to about 300 feet and began pulsing, and even having flashing red lights, my children were in the car with me and saw it too and began getting scared when we saw the triangular shape and heard no noise whatsoever!

These continued to travel down Hwy. 4, until one finally settled, hoovering at around 375 feet, at where appears to be downtown Bethel Island and the other, at about 150 feet above the old farm that is at the end of Sellers Avenue, near Iron House Elementary School.

I have seen these things turn into a grey gassy orb as well, but these seem to just go back to being singularly bright and hoovering.  I guess besides wondering what these things are, where they came from and what they want with us, I guess I am just wondering why the United States Government is not doing anything about this!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tulsa, OK

August 28,  2012  2:30AM

I was looking west up at the sky and saw three blinking lights in the sky.  The sky was pretty clear, not clouds and no regular air traffic.  I observed these three stationary white lights that were spread out like an isosceles triangle.  One was very faint to the naked eye, but I could clearly see it was blinking, slowly at times and rapid at times.  The second white light was closer and I would make out a red and a blue light on either side of the central blinking white light.  The third light was the closest to me, roughly 2 to 3 miles.  This light was also blinking what looked like Morse code along with the other two lights.  This spacecraft, or whatever it was, definitely a saucer like shape.  I could make out the white light that came out of the craft was in a horizontal line that ran around the ship.  It also seamed to have multi-colored lights that spun around the craft or center of the white light.  All three of these ships sit stationary for a couple hours, this happened three nights in a row.  The first two mights they were in the same place in the sky, the third night they had moved.  But all three nights they seemed to be in a perfect triangle formation.

Smithsburg, MD

August 29,  2012  12:30AM

While watching late news, I heard what I thought was an airplane.  Did not think much of it at first.  Every 20-25 minutes I would again hear this sound, traveling from SSE to NNW.  After the third time, I went outside onto my deck to try to catch a glimpse of the aircraft I heard at regular intervals.  The sky is clear, near full moon not a cloud in the sky.  Beautiful night for star gazing.

From the SSE, i first noticed two very bright white lights much brighter than even medivac's lights would be.  As this craft got closer, I heard that familiar sound of what I thought was an airplane.  As the craft flew over me, I realized this was triangular in shape with three white lights and one bright red, flashing light in the center, under-side.

I followed this craft visually as it continued N then NW followed along the horizon until it was out of sight due to a ridge of trees and houses.  Approximately 20 minutes passed when I again caught this craft in the SW sky.  From that point, it was almost exactly 5 minutes before it was once again approaching me from the SSE, continuing along the same path as before.

As I am writing of this siting of something, it has again just completed another lap in/around the area.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wheatly (Canada), ON

August 27,  2012  10:45PM 

While camping at camper's cove Wheatly.  While watching the campfire, my brother noticed a small red cylindrical object lifting off the ground in the field behind us. We noticed it slowly rise from the North East towards the South West sky.  It was bright reddish/orange hue.  It travelled along the treetops at the speed of a small plane.  I suggested it was a plane yet my brother and son noticed it did not have flashing lights and made not noise.

It picked up speed at about 1000 feet, I ran to get my camera and my son was yelling hurry.  Yet when I got out of the cabin to snap the shot, the craft accelerated at a great speed (as if being pulled into space) and vanished instantly.

Our nine year old niece was also a witness to this.  Later two other camper's were talking about seeing the same object.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Waldport, OR

August 26,  2012  10:30PM

There was a high layer of clouds over the ocean.  We were playing cards and noticed two lights out over the ocean, they moved at a medium speed, not slow and not fast.  They first moved up and then horizontally and back, one then moved down.  Three others appeared and moved up.  Then they moved out of sight into the clouds.  There was no sign of a ship or boat on the ocean, no lights on the water.

After going to bed I woke around 3AM, and got up to get a drink of water.  I looked out and noticed one light in the sky in the same manner as the original five.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tomball, TX

August 27,  2012

I was sitting in my drive way near Fountain and Huffsmith-Korville Road, just south of Tomball talking on my cell phone.  I looked up and saw a amber coloured light moving in a South by South East direction (I was facing due East).  I have a lot of Hooks Airport and IAH Airport traffic over my home.  The "craft" did not have landing lights, strobe, red beacon, right and left lights.  There was no body other than the amber light emitted.  The craft made no sound (as I got off the phone to watch it before it went behind my home).  I would say the light was about a 45 degree angle up, flying in a straght line but a little up and down as it moved along.  I have seen amber lights like these before in the area on a previous sighting about three  years ago. 

I am a former professional truck driver and current small business owner.  I have seen man UFOs all over the United States and I have made other reports before.

Morrisville, VT

August 26,  2012

A fireball appeared in the evening sky during sunset.  It was moving slowly from West to East then stopped and pulsated with a red, orange, and yellow glow.  After stopping for approximately two minutes, the orb started moving from South to North slowly and the light went out.

As the orb moved slowly across the evening sky, I could see it moving slowly out of site silhouetted against the evening sunset.  There was no wind and the object made not sound.  It was not an aircraft.

Yakima, WA

August 06,  2012

I watched 3 bright lights in the sky to the SW of Yakima, Washington for over 30 minutes.  I am a private pilot and an used to seeing the stars and aircraft in the  sky.

The objects did changed color similar to an aircraft light system.  But not quite the same.  I saw what to my eyes were green, red, white, and orange flashing lights.  I did see an aircraft moving near the upper most light.  It appeared to have a standard red nav lighting.  It's  position would have put it north of the top light and it moved back and forth and appeared to be circling.  I did watch for about 20 minutes thru binoculars.  I called my 2 college age children and after some good natured ribbing we drove to a high point and watched as the lights disappeared to the SW.  What I say disappear I mean they got dimmer and appeared to drop slightly on the horizon but not below, until we could no longer see them.  They still maintained the triangle shape.  They appeared to be several miles apart and at different altitudes.  I do know the military was scheduled to fly Chinook helicopter night flights but those would have been in the opposite direction to these lights 35 miles to the SE.

Fishkill, NY

August 06,  2012

A friend and I had gone star gazing.  I noticed an orange light through the trees.  It was brighter and larger than a star and seemed to hover just below the tree line.

I thought it was a street light but then it started to slowly rise into the sky.  It was barely moving at first and then seemed to pick up speed and move at the speed of a plane.  However, it moved diagonally upwards and was at a higher altitude than we thought possible for a plane.  Also, there were airplanes out and they were much lower and blinked whereas this object did not blink but seemed to have multiple lights making up a far larger mass.

As the object moved overhead we tried to get a better view but we could not see through a nearby tree.  We thought we had lost it, but then we saw a similar. perhaps the same object, moving back in the direction from which it came.  The first object moved across the right side of the sky, whereas the second came from the left, further supporting the idea that it was perhaps the same object doubling back.  As it got closer to the treelike from which it first appeared it did not drop down behind the trees but disappeared just above them.  We are still not sure what it was but we know it was not a plane.

Grove City, PA

August 06,  2012

I was looking at Orion and noticed the middle of the belt was moving.  It looked as bright as Venus.  It was moving East at a very fast speed.  I looked for the blinking light to see if it was a low airplane but it was just a solid light.  My cousin also saw it and he works on airplanes he said that maybe it was a airplane that left it's landing lights on but as low as it was we would of heard it.  It was low I'v seen other airplanes at the same time and it eclipsed the. 

Then we started noticing that it was kind of bobbing left to right while moving forward at the same time.  It could not have bin a helicopter because there very loud and we see them all the time.  And it also seemed to slow down mid flight and then speed back up.  It moved from Orion to the horizon in 5 minutes.  I watch a lot of UFO shows and I tried to debunk it and could not, my cousin who worked on planes was stumped, and my dad which is a navy veteran said "that will make you think."

Toronto (Canada), ON

August  06,  2012

I spotted from my balcony what looked like two very bright, silverish planes which were flying sporadically, falling and twisting very recklessly.

I am on the East Mall, just South of Burnhamthorpe in Etobicoke, on the 18th floor.  My balcony faces East, and these UFOs were Southeast and I'd guess sighted at an angle of 50 degrees, which would put them maybe over Ontario Place?

By the time I got my binoculars, I would still see them and they both looked like airplanes approximately an eighth mile apart.  I got tired and stopped looking for a minute, then I did not see them again.  The sun was very bright and their images reflected as silver looking.  I watched the news, but nothing was mentioned about it.

Hagerstown, MD

August 06,  2012

Around 4am two people witnessed a triangular shaped light above the Hagerstown, MD region (witnesses were just west of Hagerstown looking eastward).  The light was fairly low to the horizon and the flash is what caught the attention of the town, the fact that the shape of the light was definitely triangle, changed in intensity from very bright to disappearing altogether intermittently, and did not appear to be moving sustained the attention.  The object did not move for about 30 minutes then "blinked out" and did not reappear.